The meanest blockheads player you’ve ever met

I mean the most recent one I rember is when I joined a server and there was an admin and I said hi and tried to talk to it. Apparently it was a bot and the other dude on the server kept calling me “buddy retard” and stuff like that. Whatever probably either a 9 year old on his mommy’s iPhone or a 47 years old morbidly obese man named Lewis who lives in his mothers basement… :confused:


A kid named Fizzy (not gonna include full user since he’s just a kid) he was a decent kid but he’d cause problems in the server sometimes. He also had another server and a friend named stalin who acted all illusive and communistic who later got cloud banned. The thing is was that one time he got mad at a user in our discord server so he sent out a bot named leo to destroy the discord server. I wouldn’t say necessarily bad but he did stupid stuff and got into a lot of trouble. I don’t talk to him anymore but I’m pretty sure he swears now and is very rude but he was just a kid at the time so I don’t blame him but I still feel bad for how he turned out.

Yea some kids just should. Not. Have. Online games! Like one kid joined the server with a pfp of him peeing. Owner banned him immediately needless to say. But what if they joined a server with some creepy dudes in it

I once joined a server and somebody was at spawn, doing something, and I said Hi. He responded, What do you want?! And I said (I think I said) Um–nothing? And he said again, Okay. I’ll be heading to my settlement now. in a really mean way. I left the server.

Alright so this one particular “Hacker” that goes by the name of xxHellxxFirexx has an alt account using just invisible characters.

He goes around and crashes servers for fun all the damn time. I swear every single server I make he is there crashing it lol. I just keep banning his device and IP every time he makes a new one. But just a whole hassle. And quite a bummer when you have 10 people in your server and he knocks the count down to 4 due to no one wanting to keep joining over and over. -tsk tsk


One time, I was a trusted admin at a server and people were really active until one day a griefer came (probably a hacker too) and destroyed everything near spawn. We don’t know who did it and then for some reason, all of the active players started being inactive and the server just died without the spawn being rebuilt again lol. I think the server is called “Clan Wars” or something along those lines.
Edited: what was i talking about again ?

my self? lol

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There were plenty of those types of people back then, xd it’s a sign of a toxic server if it’s an admin doing that

on my first time playing blockheads, somebody banned me for no reason, I was upset and thought I must have done something wrong although in hindsight it was likely me being annoying because I was 8 or 9 at the time

I suggest you delete this before Milla comes by… I don’t care personally but this got me a two month ban.

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Lmao I used to be pretty annoying, I would start conflicts between admins when I was younger just to watch the world burn :tongue: :fire:

Myself is probably a fairly accurate answer for me, too–on the receiving end, though? I dunno…there was this one 12 year old girl (which is a bit older than the 9 year old age group, so I have trouble thinking of an excuse for her) who was pretty weird. Kept accusing me of crimes I didn’t commit, banning me, being insulting, accusing me of crimes I didn’t commit—oh I said that already? Never mind, that was the most annoying one, it should be said again. She did this with everyone, so it wasn’t like she genuinely believed I stole anything either, she just liked stirring up trouble for people.

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I 100% recommend getting the server bot if you have access to a computer to have it run. I copied the characters in their name and if they come on the server it auto bans their IP and their name. (would also ban innocent people with those characters, but I do ban appeals on my discord) 10/10 do recommend. They crash my servers all the time, they use VPN’s so it’s impossible to completely ban them, but the bot makes it so much easier to manage it.

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You’ve never been mean here. I cannot imagine you being mean in-game. :slight_smile:

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sheesh, the meanest? boy that’s tough… i’ve met at least 20 that could be stalin’s little brother or sister

that’s an overreach but for the purposes of the point it’s not… superrrrr exaggerated

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Haha I mean there’s a lot of mean people out there blockheads is a breeding ground for em

ah well it makes sense, they’re too cowardly to take their problems out on people in real life so they use online people they’d never say crap to their face to as punching bags because of how empty and self-loathing they are inside, it’s a pathetic unstoppable force that people can’t seem to let go of as some things simply stay broken, they won’t usually grow out of it, they’ll just get hungrier for more chaos to fulfill their need to put others down and draw attention regardless of what kind to themselves, the human race is already despicable enough when people aren’t finding new and sadistic ways to kill each other in the real world, but if it wasn’t bad enough i compared some of the people on the game to stalin as an exaggeration you’re gonna love this… i did decide, guy i once met on the game, worst one i’ve ever known, his actual name was Lucius, i mean in real life…

is irony not the most laughable concept?

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I mean I once encountered this player, they weren’t mean they were a bit nice but annoying like really annoying. They talking like “hewwo OWO how are you doing today pokes shoulder pweeze don’t ban me”
I ended up banning them but the owner got mad at me.

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yeah that’s pretty frustrating

now if i had a nickel for every time there was a furry on a video game… i think jeff bezos, bill gates, elon musk, and warren buffett would be my loyal servants

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Lmao and they are everywhere. As long as they don’t go “hewwo” I am fine