The Message Bot


Dave and I haven’t discussed this yet, so no policy is set, and I have no clue about the co-owner thing, since it’s all theoretical.

I found out about this in the other thread seconds before I posted there, so this is very new to me right now.

Questions about policy should wait. Right now I can only answer re. my views.


Would it make any difference if it’s a special command you have to type for the messages to be transferred to Discord like “/discord make me admin plz”


The base functionality is a big picture issue. It’s just a flat no from me. I wish it had never been created. This makes me wish Message Bot had never been created.


By the way guys,discord is really good on security. I mean,by what H4 said to some people (if I’m correct) that its impossible to hack discord. I think Wingy and Bib should tighten up and make it more to the point where its hard to hack into. I don’t know but that’s my opinion. Beta testers for Message Bot?
Here’s what it would look like when i open the discord thing on messaging bot.


What do you mean by making the MessageBot hard to hack into?


Quick question: when you use the /where extension

Does it only show where the player is only if he/she joined the world that has the message bot on it.
It only shows where he/she is if the player joined an other world that also has the message bot on it.


Milla’s point is that there should be no connection at all between the game chat and Discord. Period.


@Gamarlamar5 The Last Seen extension is currently not doing anything, as it is “commented out”.

@jemnidad I have received permission from @majicDave to have messages from discord to in-game, but not the other way around.


So now if someone says something bad on discord, your server could get locked because of it?


I’m not sure I see the point of that, but ok.

@Kp7 you can limit who has access to your Discord server. It wouldn’t be much different than who might log into your server and say something bad. If no admins or mods are online that might carry on for a long time.

Discord Message Bot Extension

Discord is in the extension store.


Just note that if you run messagebot on your world and I lock it down because of Discord misconduct you have no recourse to that fact. I’m going to treat all in-world chat as he responsibility of the world owner, since I have no way to ID the perpetrator. This means that of someone in Discord breaks our rules on your world then you will be receiving the punishment.

Discord Message Bot Extension

Will this be on for good and how do i get to it?


Discord Bot Token?


Create a discord bot, It’s how the extension gets discord messages.


Learn how to code (if u dont know how to already)


i not know how this…


What does the /world start/restart/stop do?


Exactly what it says.

/world-start will start up the world.
/world-restart will restart the world.
/world-stop will stop the world.


Doesn’t a /stop accomplish all of these?