The Message Bot


Not exactly.

/stop is the same as /world restart
/world start will start the world if it is offline, /stop wont. /world stop stops - not restarts - the world. Useful for me when developing the bot.


Android version?


The bookmarklet will work with all reasonably new browsers. I just haven’t created a video guide for an android install yet.


I’ve fixed Last Seen, and it won’t uninstall itself now, and works! I’ve also added date/time.

WINGYTEST joins Survival of time
WINGY-DUCK joins Skylands Arena
(Skylands Arena) WINGY-DUCK: /where wingytest
(Skylands Arena) SERVER: WINGYTEST was last seen at SURVIVAL OF TIME by PORKY THE CHOP on Tue Oct 10 2017 13:32:56 GMT+0000 (UTC)

This example assumes that Last Seen is installed at Skylands Arena owned by @jemnidad

Edit: It uninstalls if you click “Remove” in the store.

1 hour later - Not a double post

New extension: GMT

SERVER: The current GMT time is Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:23:30 GMT

Should I remove the GMT at the end?

  • Yes
  • No

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Just include time where the bot is being hosted :+1:


It’s mostly made for my Last Seen extension, they both use GMT.


Why doesn’t the cron work?


Impossible to say if that’s all the information you can give. Last I checked it worked perfectly. What is your configuration?


Cron is working on my server. Can you screen shot your cron tab?


(This is a sentence?)


And while the bot is running it never says Potato during a whole hour?


Alright, I’ve been busy, but haven’t actually released anything, though I’m getting close :slight_smile: I have a couple questions for users of the bot.

  1. What browser do you run the bot with? I haven’t included several browsers, most notably Opera. I don’t use it and don’t test with it. If it works, great, otherwise, oh well. Opera Mini has been unsupported for over a year now. Browsers with an asterisk after their name I am considering dropping support for. Chrome for Android is supported so long as it is updated and the latest versions of Firefox / Chrome / Safari are supported. This poll only includes older browsers / less desirable (from a development standpoint) browsers. I’ve included Edge, I don’t use it, but it will remain supported.
  • Internet Explorer 9-10*
  • Internet Explorer 11*
  • Edge
  • Firefox ESR 45*
  • Firefox ESR 52
  • Chrome 49*
  • Safari 8 (iOS 8)*
  • Safari 9 (iOS 9)*
  • Safari 10 (iOS 10)

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  1. If you own a mac server, how likely are you to want to run the bot on it? (1 = No)
  • Absolutely
  • Depends on extensions
  • Sometimes
  • Maybe
  • Nope, cloud only

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  1. Now is a good time to suggest features / changes to the bot and to extensions as they will need to be updated with 7.0. :slight_smile: Please do reply with any wishlists that I haven’t gotten to yet.


Dangit, I thought chrome 49 was current chrome browser

Anywho, add groups/clans, and have an owner of each

/list-players{{clan name}}
/list clans

for admins/owner (idk)
/add-clan{{clan name}} {{owner}}

((Add a form of player verification here from both ways))


This might be more of a question for @Wingysam but how is that whitelist management extension coming along? That’s my only outstanding wishlist item.


Well that’s a bit of a stick in the mud.


Oh… it’s not minutes/seconds—it’s hours/minutes. My mistake.


So it works? It should print “Potato” at the top and bottom of every hour. Minutes and seconds would be SUPER annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope doesn’t work (unless you just can’t do 0,01)


Can you do a little test? Whatever time it’s approaching, let’s say 3:30 for example, set the cron to 30 and wait for it, to see if it fires. In other words, don’t have more than one number in the cron setting and wait around for it to fire.