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i not know how this…


What does the /world start/restart/stop do?


Exactly what it says.

/world-start will start up the world.
/world-restart will restart the world.
/world-stop will stop the world.


Doesn’t a /stop accomplish all of these?


Not exactly.

/stop is the same as /world restart
/world start will start the world if it is offline, /stop wont. /world stop stops - not restarts - the world. Useful for me when developing the bot.


Android version?


The bookmarklet will work with all reasonably new browsers. I just haven’t created a video guide for an android install yet.


I’ve fixed Last Seen, and it won’t uninstall itself now, and works! I’ve also added date/time.

WINGYTEST joins Survival of time
WINGY-DUCK joins Skylands Arena
(Skylands Arena) WINGY-DUCK: /where wingytest
(Skylands Arena) SERVER: WINGYTEST was last seen at SURVIVAL OF TIME by PORKY THE CHOP on Tue Oct 10 2017 13:32:56 GMT+0000 (UTC)

This example assumes that Last Seen is installed at Skylands Arena owned by @jemnidad

Edit: It uninstalls if you click “Remove” in the store.

1 hour later - Not a double post

New extension: GMT

SERVER: The current GMT time is Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:23:30 GMT

Should I remove the GMT at the end?

  • Yes
  • No

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Just include time where the bot is being hosted :+1:


It’s mostly made for my Last Seen extension, they both use GMT.


Why doesn’t the cron work?


Impossible to say if that’s all the information you can give. Last I checked it worked perfectly. What is your configuration?


Cron is working on my server. Can you screen shot your cron tab?


(This is a sentence?)


And while the bot is running it never says Potato during a whole hour?


Alright, I’ve been busy, but haven’t actually released anything, though I’m getting close :slight_smile: I have a couple questions for users of the bot.

  1. What browser do you run the bot with? I haven’t included several browsers, most notably Opera. I don’t use it and don’t test with it. If it works, great, otherwise, oh well. Opera Mini has been unsupported for over a year now. Browsers with an asterisk after their name I am considering dropping support for. Chrome for Android is supported so long as it is updated and the latest versions of Firefox / Chrome / Safari are supported. This poll only includes older browsers / less desirable (from a development standpoint) browsers. I’ve included Edge, I don’t use it, but it will remain supported.
  • Internet Explorer 9-10*
  • Internet Explorer 11*
  • Edge
  • Firefox ESR 45*
  • Firefox ESR 52
  • Chrome 49*
  • Safari 8 (iOS 8)*
  • Safari 9 (iOS 9)*
  • Safari 10 (iOS 10)

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  1. If you own a mac server, how likely are you to want to run the bot on it? (1 = No)
  • Absolutely
  • Depends on extensions
  • Sometimes
  • Maybe
  • Nope, cloud only

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  1. Now is a good time to suggest features / changes to the bot and to extensions as they will need to be updated with 7.0. :slight_smile: Please do reply with any wishlists that I haven’t gotten to yet.


Dangit, I thought chrome 49 was current chrome browser

Anywho, add groups/clans, and have an owner of each

/list-players{{clan name}}
/list clans

for admins/owner (idk)
/add-clan{{clan name}} {{owner}}

((Add a form of player verification here from both ways))


This might be more of a question for @Wingysam but how is that whitelist management extension coming along? That’s my only outstanding wishlist item.


Well that’s a bit of a stick in the mud.