The Message Bot


what does that mean?



this is too confusing :sweat:


Okay, I figured it out.
When you make the new script, use cmd-S to save it, then it will automatically start running.
(I’m using FF, so this may not work for you)
(And btw, I just started using TM, and just got the button to work, so I’m half-noob)


Would there be a way for the new ban messages extension to not repeat the IP address? Just don’t want to release IPs if there are lots of people on…


Oh shoot. Completely forgot about IPs… unfortunately I have really no way to tell if the ban was by name or IP. I suppose I can guess if it looks like an IP. Will update.

Edit: Updated, should avoid showing IPs now.


Ban messages?


I’ve got a challenge

Daily awards based off of a player’s xp level

Ex: A pod dweller makes 1 emergency ration a day, but an adventurer makes 10


Can someone please tell me how to do message bot step by step because I am confused

All Information:
tampermonkey pc windows 10 touchscreen Mac survival pixfoil blockheads 1.6.1 iOS 11.0.3 TheFoil @TheFoil milla majicdave Majic jungle noodle cake studios dave framptom bibliophile wimgysam camilla koutsos


Have you watched the tutorial video by Bibliophile?


Could we add an extension for ‘strung’ triggers?
As in, somebody would be able to say "May I have admin?"
Then, the bot would reply, "Not unless the Owner decides you may."
The player could respond "Override Owner : OverOwn"
Bot: "OverOwn Password?"
Player: "Gloria et laude."
Bot: “Admin granted.”

Then, there would be an option to branch out differently:

Bot: "OverOwn Password?"
Player: "Glory and praise."
Bot: “Access denied.”

I just don’t know what the interface for this might look like…
This is different from regular triggers as it requires the previous triggers.


Does anyone use the Discord extension? If not, I won’t port it to the upcoming version of the bot.


I haven’t even figured it out yet. So no, not really.
(Maybe if we knew how it works we would use it. At least I would.)


So… full on conversations. Hmmm… doable I guess but configuration could get rather tedious. I’ll look into it. Not high on my priority list right now though.


Is it possible to do this?
Don’t have the knowledge to :laughing:


Totally missed that, yea, it’s possible. Again will have to wait until the 7.0 release as I don’t want to invest effort that will be wasted when upgrading (hopefully soon)


If nobody says anything, I’m going to pull Discord off of the extension store on October 26, which is in 2 days from now.

Nobody knows how to use it.
If anyone knew how to use it, it still wouldn’t be useful. It is only from Discord to in-game.


Okay. I’m fine with it if you are.

If you’re not fine with removing it, I’m not fine with removing it. :confused:


Could anyone add an extension that checks through the logs and give output of those who have used bad words (maybe an extra setting to send a trigger once it finds somebody, that way it could set a one time name trigger {possible addition} temp-ban, ban, or warn that person, possibly even fine them. {There should be a /fine command in the banking extension for scenarios like these.} Possibly a record of these findings and the punishment applied to them.)


Has there been any updates on a Mac server message bot? Thanks :slight_smile: