The Message Bot


If nobody says anything, I’m going to pull Discord off of the extension store on October 26, which is in 2 days from now.

Nobody knows how to use it.
If anyone knew how to use it, it still wouldn’t be useful. It is only from Discord to in-game.


Okay. I’m fine with it if you are.

If you’re not fine with removing it, I’m not fine with removing it. :confused:


Could anyone add an extension that checks through the logs and give output of those who have used bad words (maybe an extra setting to send a trigger once it finds somebody, that way it could set a one time name trigger {possible addition} temp-ban, ban, or warn that person, possibly even fine them. {There should be a /fine command in the banking extension for scenarios like these.} Possibly a record of these findings and the punishment applied to them.)


Has there been any updates on a Mac server message bot? Thanks :slight_smile:


Its still a work in progress. Most of the code for it is written but hasn’t been tied together just yet.


That’s why Basileus doesn’t have the MB.
Knowing that Wingy is an active Message Bot coder, I wondered why he hadn’t it on there.

Is it just me, or am I coming up with too many ideas?


Idea for analytics extension:

If the player is banned, it tells who banned them, and when they banned them.


I’m working on updating the log viewer extension (going through each extension and updating them)… and am having some trouble telling what options would be most helpful to users.

Screenshot of currently released viewer:

Screenshot of in progress viewer.

Am I missing something that would help you out?


Amazing, that would be!


Added one more option that I found useful – context. Using context=5 will show 5 messages before and after the message that was actually matched. I’m pretty sure this upgrade is essentially done unless someone comes up with a great idea I totally overlooked.


Ooh, context would be awesome. I can’t remember, did you have a way to filter out messages like join and leave messages from the server or other stuff we might consider to just be “noise”.


I haven’t added that in, I will do that though :slight_smile:

Noise to filter so far (checkbox for each):

  • Joins
  • Leaves
  • Messages from server
  • Messages from the world (addRider, etc)

Am I missing anything?


Maybe pvp messages? (Those are wicked.)


Coming soon to a bot near you :wink: – Just 13 (I think) extensions left to port before it’s ready for release.

@THEHACKKNIGHT pvp messages are handled under world messages already :slight_smile:


So close, yet so far.


So this would filter everything but chat?


That’s the idea. So you can just read a conversation without the clutter of server messages. But you can always leave them in if you’re looking for when people join or whatever.

Hey @Bibliophile as you’re porting the /count timer, could you make it so that /timer was per player? It would be nice if a player couldn’t interrupt another player’s timer by saying /done. And also we could have races where we take the times of each rider and accumulate them. (e.g. Stage racing.) If you don’t have time, that’s ok, maybe I could tackle it since it was my extension.


Maybe also a Hot Potato Extension

It would loop the words hot potato hot potato, then suddenly shout STOP


I have a suggestion for whoever created the /where extension. Was it @Wingysam? Could you maybe add an option setting so that /where just lists how long ago someone was seen? That would be easier than calculating the time ourselves based on gmt, especially when a lot of people won’t know what gmt is, and need the /gmt command to figure it out. This way it would just say, Jemni was seen 2 hours, 43 minutes ago on SKYLANDS ARENA by JEMNI


Good idea. I’ll attempt to implement it in the extension for the future bot.