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Got it. May I ask why? If it’s a security concern, I don’t see it…? :thinking: (but that’s probably just me)


Majic Jungle doesn’t want blockheads players’ private chats (even on public servers) to leave the game.

Milla can’t stop anyone from doing that on Mac, but frowns on it.


An extension that shows when a user last joined your server

Ex. {{Player}} last joined this server on Wednesday, August 27 at 21:00 gmt


Last seen can do this, but cross server. I’ll see if I can do that.


I’ve added the /when command to Last Seen. Just do /when <name> and it’ll tell you when <name> was last seen on the server that you’re in.


If you are utilizing the Bank extension with an /adddaily join trigger, then /lastdaily can do this as well.


How about it telling you when they were last seen on any server too? That could make it easier to know if they are busy or if you should go on a certain server if you need to talk to them because they’re online right now.


Porky and Frater present: /Where 1 and 2
They’re borderline the same as where, but still require Wingy to spend a bunch of time on it!



If I wanted to run the bot all day, and turn it off when I sleep, what’s the most energy efficient mode to put the computer in? How would I get to it? I have a MacBook. Also what is the best way to keep the screen from burning?


Assuming you aren’t using it:

  • Brightness all the way down
  • Quit all applications that you aren’t using
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • turn off any external speakers

I don’t use a Mac often so I’m not sure where Bluetooth settings are, brightness should be a key on your keyboard, use Command+Q to quit apps (not just hide)

First, check if your screen is an LCD or an LED screen - if it is LED there will be no screen burn. If LCD, I’d just turn on the screen saver (can’t recall where that is atm)


I haven’t checked if it’s an LED or LCD yet, but when I turn my screen saver on it doesn’t run.


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Imagine this being a real blockhead feature…no more need to keep your computer open and you’ll be able to play…


I’m quite sure now that all screens can get burned.
Emphasize ‘quite.

(I’ve always wanted to know this!)


Is there a way to do the bot on an Android Pixel? I want to have my phone open to the bot (so it can work) and play on my server without it stopping after a while on my iPad. I can at least hope…


I don’t know how to write stuff in the bookmark things so I can’t put the link in


Add the bookmark, then edit the link after you add it.


Yes, the same procedure applies for using the bot on any platform, make a bookmark, edit the URL of the bookmark to have the code in the original post here, and click the bookmark. That said, I recommend running the bot on a PC if possible.


There are no bookmarks on my Pixel…

Wait NVM I’m just not looking hard enough, I found it


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Wasn’t here a discussion at some point about this being a privacy issue for players? Could have sworn that this was discussed before.