The Message Bot


this is absolutely brilliant.
one problem- i have been leaving it open in a separate window on chrome, and i have noticed that the bot stops after a while. (eg 2-3 hours), and i don’t know why.


Try opening another window instead of another tab.


What does your PC do after 2-3 hours? Does it go to sleep or anything?


If that’s the problem, watching a video on YouTube (on loop) can help. Music, or a black screen is a solution.


no. it goes blackscreen after 10 mins, but that’s fine.

something i noticed, but cant show you mow bhfans is down, is one of my players doesn’t appear anywhere and is basically a ghost. creepy.

also, this morning, the bot won’t load cause of this:



Blackscreen is sleeping, that may be the problem. I never let my MacBook Air go to sleep when my bot is on, because the bot will shut off.


I’ve left the bot running for multiple days at a time with no problems, so this is probably some setting on your PC. Since it looks like your sleep settings are correct, you might want to look at your wireless adapter settings. You might need to turn off “Allow the computer to turn this device off to save power”.

BHFans is somewhat spotty atm, In the 7.0 bot, I will no longer use BHFans for hosting to increase the reliability of the bot.

As a temporary solution, if you have a recent browser you can use this bookmarklet to load the 6.x bot. (Though extensions won’t work)

javascript:(function(){if (typeof MessageBot == "undefined"){var s=document.createElement('script'); s.src=''; s.crossOrigin='anonymous'; document.head.appendChild(s);}}())


thanks. bhfans was back up in something like 3 hours, but when it goes down, i’ll use the other code. you should probably add the other code to the troubleshooting section, for others who don’t post.
also, in 7.0, what website will you use, or will you even use anything apart from github to pull extensions? (as far as i know you use github for the extensions - sorry if i’m wrong.)


Good question!

I don’t have a full answer right now. My original plan was to just use GitHub for everything, however there is some advantage to having a custom domain. (Easier to link to, mainly)… I haven’t really finalized this yet.

As for loading extensions, you can load extensions from anywhere so long as they follow the schema defined on GitHub. I expect most people will only use GitHub for extensions, but Wingysam uses his own server for extensions.

I don’t want to add that link in the OP as it really shouldn’t be used, it links to a page that cannot be updated and thus will be missed in any bug fixes.


OK, thanks. (also, github isn’t that hard to link to. for example,

Also, somthing i forgot to mention in the original post, it stops working after the time.


Uh, I have a question. I’m on iOS trying to do the iOS method for the Owner portal, but there’s a step that’s messed up. I went to the fan page, and began to add it as a bookmark. I tried changing the destination site to the code, and it won’t let me insert the code.

Help? ._.


You have to edit the bookmark after creating it, you can’t edit the URL when first creating it.

By stops working do you just mean stops responding to chat or something else?


Ah, well I feel kinda stupid now. ._.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sometimes, this would happen on my old computer as well. It like, froze, so it couldn’t see any new messages (or send any).


Stop responding to chat. Also, @devyn sorry, it won’t let me upload the vid. (it was showing the process o activating the bot.


No it’s okay, I fixed it. ^^


Go to settings, and turn on ‘when display is off don’t sleep’. Now, whenever you turn off your computer do CONTROL + SHIFT + POWER
(yes, not command key, control key)
This turns off your display, but all processes on your computer will still run.



Is it possible to make it when someone kicks a person, it automatically warns them? This could make it quite quicker than having to type their name.

And {{ATTACKER}} in death messages perhaps?


Attacker in death messages isn’t… Able to be done with clean code. You’d have to see if someone just hit them, and if there are multiple pvp battles at once it could get it wrong. The logs the bot gets don’t include who killed them. Also what if they fall to their death? SERVER: PLAYER was killed by NATURAL CAUSES?

Automatic warn on kick sounds easy.


I noticed something…

Every time you exit the bot after installing the “World Commands” plugin, it uninstalls, and you have to reinstall it again.

All other plugins are fine.