The Message Bot


Possible yes, but what are you doing that requires that? It seems that the warning extension would be a better fit.


OMG. @Bibliophile is the only user on these forums with a famous link!


Just juggling ideas around. Basically something like a life meter.


Hey @Bibliophile, when I press the bookmark, nothing happens, no it doesn’t have https in it, and I’m on the console. Refreshed, but still doesn’t work. Help?


@LilAngel119, are you sure you copied the whole thing?




I just checked and the bot is up, what OS / Browser are you using just to be sure it’s supported?


It’s working now. The problem was that I didn’t copy all of the code. I’m stupid xD


Would the bot ban a person that swore using accented words. Also, how would you use a server HTML?


You can set triggers for that, you just have to copy the accented words.

What do you mean by “how would you use a server HTML”?


If you join one of porkys servers you might see a server HTML or welcome message that pops up on your screen


The MessageBot doesn’t interact with the welcome message.


Hm. Interesting. I’ll have to PM @PorkyTheChop about that…


Try this:

alert("Hello! I am an alert box!!");

Just change the string inside the quotes to whatever you want it to say.


Ah, thanks porky.


how do you get a message saying welcome back after the first time you joined without it breaking?



Hi i need help making one of those welcome chat bots so if any one out there can help plz do


you mean you need help settin up a server bot? If so, go here


Everybody he’s my friend and I did it for him! Thanks anyways.