The Message Bot


Would the bot ban a person that swore using accented words. Also, how would you use a server HTML?


You can set triggers for that, you just have to copy the accented words.

What do you mean by “how would you use a server HTML”?


If you join one of porkys servers you might see a server HTML or welcome message that pops up on your screen


The MessageBot doesn’t interact with the welcome message.


Hm. Interesting. I’ll have to PM @bilingual about that…


Try this:

alert("Hello! I am an alert box!!");

Just change the string inside the quotes to whatever you want it to say.


Ah, thanks porky.



you mean you need help settin up a server bot? If so, go here


Everybody he’s my friend and I did it for him! Thanks anyways.


First of all, welcome to the forums.

Also, is that all you’re needing? The title says ‘Need help on server’, which is intending that you’re wanting help with the server itself, and not just the installation of the server bot. If this is true, then please move this to #multiplayer, then read the requirements in the community guidelines thread. If not, then the title should be more clear to specify what you need help with, then should be added into #questions. Besides, there’s already a topic on this. Check out Bibliofile’s message bot thread. Lastly, you don’t need to create 3 topics on the same thing. Sorry if I sound rude, btw. But shouldn’t the threads be merged, @asyc?


Changed title to something informative and moved to #questions


Shouldn’t it go in #general-discussion?


I certainly don’t like it… Not even supported in the next version of the bot… which I need to get around to finishing… Just have to rewrite quests (difficult) and write a save mover (easier, but tedious).


Use cron messages to set 0 to /addonline 5.


That should be fairly easy to implement… what’s your use case though?


This could be used for a currency that players earn for helping the owner.


It might prevent people from donating to others or themselves from alt accounts. It’s the only command that doesn’t have that custom option other than the ones that check self.


I’ve had that issue too Sunny. Sometimes I have to delete it and redo it a few times. Until it deleted successfully, I just blanked out the text.


In chat you issue the command /add-group group playername

Speaking of groups, could we get a way to list who is in a particular group? Right now you can only list what groups a particular user belongs to based on the player name.