The Message Bot


Anyone willing to run a message bot for me? :stuck_out_tongue: My family have the world’s oldest and slowest computers. You would get admin or mod on SM.


That means you would have to give the login info to your Owner Portal to the person hosting it which isn’t a good idea.




Even an old computer can run a web browser and run the Owner Portal. I wish my old desktop computer still worked. I would run the portal on that instead of my laptop which I’m often closing down. The bot works best on the more recent browsers so just try to update those as best as you can.


We have a white Asus that is half mine so that could work.


Sure. :slight_smile:
I’ll include that soon.


woah that is creepy


hmm, does the message bot get updates every now and then? (im new to it)


Yes, but it has been like… 8…? months since the last update. I completely rewrote the bot, but that hasn’t been released yet as I had 2 extensions left to write / port to the latest update and never finished them.

I’m also kind of stalled there as I’m trying to write a documentation generator as Typedoc is painful to use.


woah, good luck!


Alright, posting this here as the more people that know about the more likely I’ll be to actually do it.

I aim to (mostly) finish 7.0 and release by the 14th.

This includes:

  • Updates to most extensions
  • Quests extension released - and probably an update to it.
  • Many bug fixes
  • A warning if you open the bot in 2 tabs to let you know stuff will break
  • Several other UI improvements

This may include, but probably not for the initial release:

  • Mac support - I need to get a mac to test on.
  • Console support - for running the bot on some old computer where a new browser won’t run nicely, or running many bots at once without having your computer die due to Chrome’s memory usage


puts up hand


Alright, so there are basically 2 things left to do… one of them is to make a Quests extension, this has been used on Skylands Arena for a while, and I believe it is also used on Skylands Odyssey.

However right now it is pretty limited. I want to make it possible to require that players do quest A before quest B. Unfortunately, this is really difficult to represent in a UI. My best idea something like this: image

(You have to do B before C before D)

If anyone has a suggestion that would work better, I’d love to hear it.

As a part of trying to come up with designs, I realized I have to balance very long quests where beating each quest unlocks the next step compared to lots of relatively short quests. If you run the bot, which are more likely to do?

  • Long main quest
  • Lots of short quests
  • I just want to vote

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Both of 'em. That is, once I set up the mac server thingy—your bot supports that now, amiright?


It will, eventually. It probably won’t by the 14th. I don’t currently have a mac to test on.


Once it’s available on Mac, I’m going to be running a lot of messagebots :lol:


I also run a pretty large number of quests on Rabbithole. I was prepared to say I prefer many short quests but I just changed my mind and my vote. I think having longer sequences is something I could work with better.


@Bibliophile (on another note) For the Group Management Extension, is there a way to deselect some of the default admin permissions?


That extension can’t remove permissions from staff; it can only give permissions, unfortunately.


Are the default selections (in the bot) the default abilities for the admins in the game then? hm. I wasn’t sure about one of the capabilities.

Even more reason to be very careful when admining players.