The Message Bot


I also run a pretty large number of quests on Rabbithole. I was prepared to say I prefer many short quests but I just changed my mind and my vote. I think having longer sequences is something I could work with better.


@Bibliophile (on another note) For the Group Management Extension, is there a way to deselect some of the default admin permissions?


That extension can’t remove permissions from staff; it can only give permissions, unfortunately.


Are the default selections (in the bot) the default abilities for the admins in the game then? hm. I wasn’t sure about one of the capabilities.

Even more reason to be very careful when admining players.


i have an amazon fire and i tried to do bot on it but it just says error


The bot depends completely on what your browser supports - if you install chrome / Firefox on your device you might be able to run it.

(This doesn’t work on iOS devices because Apple doesn’t allow third-party JS runtimes)


Huh it works on my iPhone 6.


Well I think @bloky2018 was talking about the Message Bot, not the game…
I think one way to enable it to run on Chrome indefinitely without locking the device is going to
Settings > Developer options (you have to enable it first) > Always stay on while charging
and then leaving it on the Chrome page while charging. Certainly a way of running the bot on spare older devices that you don’t know.


@JarlPenguin I was talking about the message Bot too. It runs on my iPhone six.


Yeah, I was talking about Android though.


Clearly that post wasn’t as clear as I meant it to be XD

I meant that on android devices, you can get the bot to run even if it doesn’t work in the built in browser by installing Chrome / Firefox. On iOS however, it doesn’t matter what browser you use. Whether or not the bot is supported depends on the version of the iOS. If the bot doesn’t work in safari on your iOS device, it won’t work in chrome there either.


Wondering if it is possible add a column to: Analytics > Player History
Currently there are 2 column: IGN and then IPs with date/time.
Can the IP be separated from the Date?
This would be SO helpful when downloading into an excel spreadsheet. :slightly_smiling_face:


The new bot will have more separation of columns. If he ever finishes it… :wink:


Does this include triggers? Trigger messages are not very organizable.


The old bot seems to be down @Bibliophile

I can run the new bot, but not the old one with my quests and junk.


I just checked and the old bot is up, is it still down for you?


All good now. Thanks.


heya so i saw this on my log. does it mean someone is duping on my server? @Bibliophile



As Porky said. And that’s part of the game itself, not the message bot.