The Message Bot


I don’t recommend running it on a phone… technically supported still for v6, but I haven’t given it much thought in v7. Try copying from here:

Yea… this is one of very few cases where my answer is just a flat no. I don’t want to deal with the legality surrounding this, even just to understand it in the small chance it does turn out ok.


Any news on a Mac version? Or still WIP?


I don’t have a Mac right now so have been unable to work on the Mac bot.

In fact I haven’t really worked on it at all in the past couple months. I’ve been working on finishing up the last few things I need to release version 7, over the past week, however. Once this is working, I can hopefully find a Mac to make sure everything still works over there.


Hey bib? is it possible that you could make a mod to the currency system to allow for people to disable alt accounts from getting currency to prevent farming?


That’s somewhat complicated to implement and by no means foolproof (Does a different IP really mean a different person?) … it would also significantly increase the processing time for each command as I would have to check every single player who has an account… I don’t think that is a feasible addition.

Your best bet is probably to penalize people who do that, take away all their currency.