The Message Bot


Well I think @bloky2018 was talking about the Message Bot, not the game…
I think one way to enable it to run on Chrome indefinitely without locking the device is going to
Settings > Developer options (you have to enable it first) > Always stay on while charging
and then leaving it on the Chrome page while charging. Certainly a way of running the bot on spare older devices that you don’t know.


@JarlPenguin I was talking about the message Bot too. It runs on my iPhone six.


But the message bot works for me on my iPad Air 2… I think, haven’t used this thing in a long time.


Yeah, I was talking about Android though.


Clearly that post wasn’t as clear as I meant it to be XD

I meant that on android devices, you can get the bot to run even if it doesn’t work in the built in browser by installing Chrome / Firefox. On iOS however, it doesn’t matter what browser you use. Whether or not the bot is supported depends on the version of the iOS. If the bot doesn’t work in safari on your iOS device, it won’t work in chrome there either.