The Message Bot


I don’t recommend running it on a phone… technically supported still for v6, but I haven’t given it much thought in v7. Try copying from here:

Yea… this is one of very few cases where my answer is just a flat no. I don’t want to deal with the legality surrounding this, even just to understand it in the small chance it does turn out ok.


Any news on a Mac version? Or still WIP?


I don’t have a Mac right now so have been unable to work on the Mac bot.

In fact I haven’t really worked on it at all in the past couple months. I’ve been working on finishing up the last few things I need to release version 7, over the past week, however. Once this is working, I can hopefully find a Mac to make sure everything still works over there.


Hey bib? is it possible that you could make a mod to the currency system to allow for people to disable alt accounts from getting currency to prevent farming?


That’s somewhat complicated to implement and by no means foolproof (Does a different IP really mean a different person?) … it would also significantly increase the processing time for each command as I would have to check every single player who has an account… I don’t think that is a feasible addition.

Your best bet is probably to penalize people who do that, take away all their currency.


Most if not all extensions aren’t working for me, can’t find a tutorial anywhere :confused:


From the original post


These only really cover the installation…

What happens when you try to install one? Most extensions add something to the menu.


They install and they do go to the menu, but most of them just don’t work in game, for example afk messages. OP messages only work when I do /op but if I put any text after /op, it doesn’t register


I have to ask as it always seems to be this: Are you running the bot on the same device you are playing on? This will cause problems since mobile devices will suspend apps in the background and the bot won’t actually be able to check chat.

I recommend running the bot on a PC mainly for this reason.

For /op, you are putting a space after the command right? /optest won’t work, but /op test should.


Wonder if it would be possible to add a remove all command for server coin and XP so if people are cheating you can remove all of it at once.

If this is added i may use it if people are caught duping platinum coins for free points.

like /removeallxp (user/ip) and /removeall (user/ip)

or maybe you could add something to disable earning coins/xp by a thing in the bot.


Think maybe there should be something where (if said {{amount}} of times issue this command) should be a thing

you could use it for those people who ask for power like admin or mod. by simply warning or banning them.


Will be possible in the next version of the bot with /xp <name> -9999999999

Not going to implement this as it ties into too many extensions, most of which don’t export an API anyways, and would significantly increase their complexity due to extra error checking required.

This gets… complicated. The censor list extension kind of lets you do this with warnings, if you just set the warnings at the desired level. Keeping track of multiple messages gets far more complicated and will take up a significantly larger amount of storage.

Considering Jemni’s backup got so large it broke the bot recently… I’m not keen on adding things that will take up a lot of storage space.


I seem to have an issue to where the bot is randomly kicking people and my censor system only has “idiot” and “hell” in it and i don’t think my triggers or join things are doing it either.

i deleted one thing that warned people for saying “Server is an idiot” to make sure.

there is an issue of when you delete something and reset the bot it always goes back to the original thing and never saves it.


The censor list will see “hello” and kick for this.

Not enough info. What is “something”?


When you put like “added thing to account” in cron and then you delete it and reset it, it always comes back


I’ve seen something like that in the past as well. I thought it got fixed, but I haven’t removed any messages lately. At the time, I think I figured out a workaround of updating the message to a blank message.


do you think that you will ever make a version of this for mac servers?


Fixed now.

Yea, it’s mostly done. Has been for a year. I have… a lot of projects… this doesn’t get worked on very much anymore.


@Bibliophile, this needs to happen because i want to make a quest things where quests will be based on the level you have.

There should be a thing where you can set the level requirements for quests to make things fair.