The Message Bot


That’s complicated since I let users define levels - what happens if you delete a level that was required for a quest?

The 7.0 version lets you require that users complete quests in a specific order.


Think if somehow this is possible, maybe there should be something where if you change a custom setting and the bot detects it it should activate an action.


Hello my name is lava and i just wanted to tell about what i made my bot do :slight_smile:

First of all i made MY trigger messages prefix be " . " (A period)

E.G. .help or .staffhelp

I also made a currency for it called points (not the most orgiinal but it works)

Then in my anoucments i made one of them be what job you could do to earn plat and mod

I also made AFK messages so you could set it

Also one my most annoying was PvP messages which when some one was hit a message was sent "OH WOW (victim) is getting hit by (atacker)

That one a delited so not every 10 times you get hit it sends it

My server is called “Ultra Valley” , if you want to join

For more information on the message bot please go to The Message Bot


I might join and check out the bot!


Oh and if you where wondering “Ultra Valley” was not a randomly generated name :stuck_out_tongue:


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I suggest a command that lets you see the number of hours you’ve had on the server your playing on or how many hours you’ve played a single player world. Like /hours, /time, /whatever, this would be great thanks!


I think there should be something where you can set something at a certain time so lets say you want something to display at 12:00 Pm and another 9:00 PM you can


Hmm… this is feasible. Already calculated by the analytics extension. I’ve opened #2 to track this.

Not possible since you can’t run the bot there.

Seems like a feasible addition to cron messages, I’ve opened #1 to track it.

Just a note: I haven’t worked on the bot lately, not sure when I’ll get back to it.


<quietly slips in and sets an alarm for 9am on Saturday>


I also want to know if you could add a thing for certain dates of the year it will send a message.


I appreciate it thx!


I think maybe you should add a “don’t allow player to earn (XP or server coin)” feature into the bot. it would not allow them to earn server coin or XP when they join to get server coin if set up that way, or find a code to earn XP

It would be a blacklist for those who are cheating the system, you checkmark their name and then a warning which you can select “don’t show up again” will appear. once done it won’t allow them to earn 1 thing again.


Think there should be a new {{example}} thing to identify the server name so you do not have to change it when you change the server name.


I am not sure if this has been suggested all ready but something I would find super helpful is a search engine in the console logs.


what i mean is it for messages like join messages and stuff


If you use Bib’s new bot version, the log filtering and searching is very nice already. So nice that I often switch over to the new bot just to look through logs, and then switch back to run the old bot with all my data in it.


My bot is so big that it gives a 300K character backup. :confused:

Tried removing unnecessary things to try to solve it.



Mine is 5.8 MB It actually broke the bot, and Bib had to trim it of useless data.


I think there needs to be something where you can put triggers in different categories to keep them all together like for example a command in “cmds” and a phrase in “random things”

That would be nice for knowing where things are.