The Message Bot


What doesit mean by image

“easter eggs”?


I think @Bibliophile might know.


OK il ask





@Lava_ninja_2048 example if you made /rules a trigger, when someone typed that it could send a message to the chat that shows a list of rules.
Super helpful.You can set join and leave triggers which can announce the arrival or leaving of a player :slight_smile:


Easter egg (example) - Type /polo for a secret command. Player: /Polo
Server: Marco!
Basically a joke or secret feature.


yeah ok BTW i kinda did that on mine… @JarlPenguin ok


Merged in a new Message Bot thread into main thread.


biblio are there any other bots out there? i was facinated with the message bot and would like more features


I believe his is the only one, but it has numerous extensions. What features are you looking for? People can write their own extensions even!


I know, i just wanted more extensions, there all good. Trust me, i even tryed to make my own, didnt work out well😂


But what specifically? If it’s a good enough idea, Bib might add it in the future. Or one of the other experiences extension developers might work on it.


There needs to be a way to link other words into one trigger so you don’t need to make a trigger for another word. you can just press a button and you would be able to add another word in just 1 trigger


If they are announcements you need to edit your time between each announcement
on the X time section
else you will continue to be spammed



I have 2 mins between acountments




Were you pointing out the fact that they didn’t send in a specific order?




Yeah so instead of sending one message at a time it does the same message over and over again several times right?