The Message Bot


yes that’s what happened


This might be the obvious question, but where and how are you running your bot? @Lava_ninja_2048

The post where you explained your issue was removed so I never saw it.


Kind of already supported since I allow regex for triggers. word|otherword with regex triggers turned on would match either of the words. You have to be careful with this though as if you use special characters like [].*+()? in your trigger it might not show up as you expect.

I’m not going to do this, it’s more UI that has to be maintained… if you are looking for where something is, just search for the phrase with CTRL+F…


I am running on a windows 10 dell… with edge


Like a simple way to merge a word into one trigger like this example


if you say: “hi”

the bot says this: hello

If you say: “bye”

the bot says this: bye

+Add new trigger word


Ok, just making sure the browser and bot is running the whole time. Some people run the bot on their ipad and then when they switch to the game and come back to their browser. The bot effectively restarts in this case, and would start at the first message again.


I think although this may be not needed i would like to see this added.

Maybe if its someone’s birthday there should be a trigger like system for that so you can add points or say happy birthday only

It would need the date and month of the year you we’re born to do so.


This looks like the definition of separate triggers to me.


There needs to be a thing to know when players first joined the server at. if possible


Wonder if you could add a new thing to quests to also add stuff to the banking accounts for those quests you want people to earn XP, and server coins.

And then maybe a little change to name triggers, maybe it should have “exact name match” for a trigger you make. It will normally be off but you can set it on per trigger.


would anyone be able to upload a video or direct me to one of setting up the currency bot ? (it’s cool if not, I am just such a technology troll :tongue:):dead:


The commands tab allows you to decide who gets to use the commands and explains how to use the command and what it does.
The search tab allows you to search players’ names to see how much currency they have, or see how much everyone has of each currency.
The settings tab has two parts:

  • Name - name of currency (e.g. Titanium coins)
  • Account currency limit - how much currency each username can hold

Responses - Commands

  • Responses to the commands that you type
    For example for /Check {{name}} I can set it to say: {{name}} is rich in response to the command.

Responses - Errors

  • Responses to the commands that you type if the account doesn’t exist, it doesn’t have enough funds, or has reached the maximum amount of currency
    For example if {{name}} has $1 and you try to transfer $2 to another account you can set the error message to something like: {{name}} doesn't have enough money or is bankrupt.

If that isn’t what your looking for and you’re instead trying to setup some trigger for when some commands are initiated well then here are some scenarios:
Let’s say that you want a player named Dave to be able to get a daily reward of $1000 for getting on the server, but don’t want him to be banker:
You add a trigger message so that when the player says /daily in chat the bot initiates /adddaily Dave 1000.

Or let’s say that you want the bot to add $100 every day to everyone online for a reward of being active, but you don’t want to mess with your existing announcement messages.
You install the Cron Messages extension and set it so that the minute value is 24 (I think that’s correct, @Bibliophile correct me if I’m wrong) and it’ll send messages every 24 hours, and the message /addonline 100.


On owner portal’s message bot, I installed an extension called, “Server Currency”. It works fine, except that I don’t know how to make the server give people currency when someone kills someone. Can someone tell me?


I’ve moved this into the Message bot thread, as it’s not a question about Bib’s work, rather than our game :slight_smile:


Under the PVP extension, add a trigger for when someone is killed. Do /add # {{someone}} (replace someone with whichever you want).

(Grr milla! :joy: )


There’s only a death message and a pvp message, so which do I choose?


Death. You want it when someone dies, correct?


@bilingual & @YousifDuck1 there’s no way to add currency for a kill, only per hit.

I suggested a way to add who killed who, but what if the person killed himself?


Then how do I add currency every hit?


Instead use a PvP message.