The Message Bot


So do I add /add 1 {{ATTACKER}} to the pvp message?


If you want.


It’s still not working, and also my /check is either severely delayed or won’t show me how much hits I have. Also, sometimes my message bot restarts on my iPad, so I have to do the announcements, join and leave, and extensions all over again. :frowning:


Are you trying to run the message bot and play BH on the same device? Sadly, you can’t do that. You should try running it on a computer and leaving it on.


Oh, ok.


I suggest a new command or a new reaction when you say “rules” like when you say “bot” the rules pop up, this could also be done with a command like /motd or /rules, and would be great for new players on servers.


i believe with custom commands and responses, this is already a feature, but you’ll have to wait for someone else to explain how as i don’t use the message bot myself.


This is already a feature in the triggers.


yep. It just depends on the owner of the server who has set up the bot. I personally don’t have a trigger for the rules because they are all spelled out on my welcome page, but I have a trigger for “/help” which shows them the bot commands they can use.


Heh. I don’t use /help because as an admin or mod it spams at you, so I use /cmdhelp instead.


Wonder if you can add a new thing to make it easier to identify users who have an alt account.


Could you elaborate? currently you can find all other names used by a certain IP when you look up a player’s name in the analytics extension. I have found alt accounts that way any time I have needed to.


@Legoboy70 oohhh do you mean to like automatically notify you? instead of having to search a suspicious account? @jemnidad


what i mean is in the place where you can find player history there needs to be something to make it easier to find alts instead of having to search them up.

Like a new tab thing to show who has an alt or few alts


Ok, so it proactively points out who has multiple accounts? That makes sense. Two points tho. There isn’t always an accurate way to know. And there are valid reasons why there might be more than one account name per IP address, siblings in a household for example.


But I believe there’s a log extension where you can search for a player’s name and what IPs it has used, and what usernames it has used.


@Bibliophile Forgive me if this has been suggested above (just took like 5 minutes to scroll down from the top)…

Suggestion: Timer (not count down)

How it would work:

  1. A player would type “timer start”
  2. The bot would begin a timer.
  3. When that same player types “timer end”, the bot would answer with the time between start and end command, ex. “thuthu 5:24”.

Have no idea if this is possible, but it would be a fantastic option for timed challenges and timed competitions.


I think it’s already a thing. It’s how we would time races on arena.


No. I would want the bot to be able to track different timings by different players concurrently. The timer that exists only tracks one timer at a time, I believe.

What I’m proposing is that any player can get timer results even if another player is already using the timer function. So, as an example, if I say start timer… then jem says start timer… then he says end timer and I say it, the bot tracks the timer for him and then for me all at the same time. The timer doesn’t get monopolized by a single event until it is finished.


I could do that. @jemnidad do you want to do this? If not, I can.