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The bot keeps showing 0 minutes as time online, is the issue on my end?


Bib should chime in here first. I believe I suggested that individual timer request a long time ago and I think he might have planned to implement it in the new version of the bot.

Found this on Discord: - Updated Countdown for version 7, /timer and /done are now per-person as requested. (The Message Bot)
LOL, and that was almost a year ago! I wanna use the “new” bot!!!


Yea… “new” bot… Christmas break… just one more week… It will happen ._.

This is in analytics? If I remember correctly (it’s been like a year since I looked at that code), it will show 0 minutes for players who joined for the first time after the bot was loaded until the bot is reloaded since analytics pulls everything from the logs.


Again, apologies if someone else has requested this before:

Dice rolls. Is it possible to have a feature where a player can type ‘dice roll 1’ Or ‘dice roll 2’ , Etc. and have the bot respond to the player with a random dice roll amount?

So, to clarify ‘dice roll 1’ would mean randomly rolling 1 die, ‘dice roll 2’ would mean rolling 2 dice, etc.

The bot would respond with ‘(player name) #’. The player name would be necessary to avoid confusion, since more than one player could be rolling dice at the same time.


Just a 6-sided die? or should you be able to roll larger dice? like a d20 or a d77?


It should have a random command. Not dice, just random.

Like a random integer from 1 to n


How about both? Doing /dice (/die sounds a little… grim) would give 1-6, or you could do /randomnum 1 100 (or whatever numbers).


Hm. I was just thinking 6 sided… I don’t know that very many people would use a d20 for this would they? I was thinking of functionality specifically for some mini games I’m doing. (selfish me)


Neat idea! I think I’d go for something like this:

/roll => Rolls a 6 sided die once, shows results
/roll 2 => Rolls a 6 sided die twice, shows results
/roll 5d3 => Rolls a 3 sided die 5 times, shows results

Shouldn’t be too difficult…


Aaand… it wasn’t :smiley:

The dice extension has now been added to the 6.x bot, and will be present in the 7.x bot for release.


Yay!! Thanks, Bib. That just changed everything for me. :smiley: :thumbsup:


Yeah, Analytics. It has shown me 0 for every player ever since I started using the new bot. Reloading it doesn’t change anything.


This smells like a bug, I’ll look into it. Thanks!


Found the bug, really simple thing… have now added a rule in to make sure I don’t make the same mistake again :slight_smile:

The CDN might take up to an hour to update with the fix.


When will Version 7.0 of the bot be out? just curious.


When it’s ready. Not too much more to do, but what’s left is a critical part for anyone using the 6.x bot…


Suggestion: Being able to view reports in the bot

And being able to turn off the bookmark and go back to the normal portal instead of having to reset the page.


Suggestion: add a extension for quest and XP, like Rabbithole


?? That already exists. That’s what I’m using on Rabbithole. In version 6, however, you have to include it by name. So, on the extensions tab, use the “add by name” box and type “quests”. It will find it and add it. It was just in the testing stages for v6. In version 7.x, it should be among the available options listed to install.


Sorry i am using the code on the top of the trhead could you show me a picture?