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I’ts been a day and I restarted my bot, but announcements still don’t advance. I didn’t update my link.

EDIT: Also, any tips on how to work around unprintable characters in player names with respect to XP and bank accounts?
SERVER : /lastdaily QUEEN LYRA
SERVER : Queen lyra last received a daily award at Fri May 18 2018 14:02:59 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)
SERVER : Cannot modify xp of , no quests have been completed.


When a player who is mod on my world did the /level command it decided to spit out

Moe Moe16’s level: Newbie (that is what i decided to name the first level)
Xp: -Infinity.

If you need proof i can share a picture of it.

This is V7 of the bot, running on chrome, on windows 10.


These giant arrows make it impossible to search where you need too in the logs…

WebBrowser: Google chrome, OS: windows 10.


Well that’s certainly broken. I wonder if there was a library update that messed something up that I didn’t notice. Looking into it. Should be fixed tonight :slight_smile:


Finally got around to looking into this, should now be fixed. (If you are referring to lag when first opening the bot)

I think I know what’s causing this now, should be a fairly simple fix.

This is now fixed, and the CSS version is pinned so it shouldn’t happen again.


Suggestion: Adding more then 1 currency to your bot


There is a bug where it seems when you go to the join messages and set one of the things that is normally (9999) to a number you choose like (1) and come back to it sometime later it resets back to (9999)


There was a bug that I fixed about 5 hours ago that likely caused that. I just did a quick test and wasn’t able to reproduce.


Suggestion: Trigger messages that only activate (X amount) of times per player before not showing up again when you type in a set word.

Suggestion 2: Quests that offer server coin without needing to change the completion message


Huh? This doesn’t make sense to me. When you create a quest it pre-fills all required fields.


Oops, not XP. I meant server coin.

Silly me :man_facepalming:


Ah, I’m not going to do that. It only takes a few seconds to change the completion message.


i just want to retain a completion message without needing to sacrifice it


Ah, that wasn’t clear from your previous messages. You can still achieve this by turning on split messages under advanced settings and splitting the message using whatever you set the split token to.


Is there a way you could readd setting the limit on the amount of server coin a person could have? because i plan to have it maxed out at 500-250


Can you tell me how quests work? How to you get some to start a quest and how does the bot know when there done?

Milla I need help

First step is to install the Quests extension.
Then you need to navigate to the Quests section on the left and start setting things up how you like it.
You add a quest under the Quests tab and select “New Quest” where you enter the name, description, xp and the completion code. The completion code is what players will enter to complete a quest. You can reveal these codes to players in various ways. I have one on my welcome page, and some that I give them in chat, but most of mine are on signs hidden around my servers.

Players have to type the command /code followed by your code word in order to complete the quest.

When you have several quests in your Quest list, you can order them or nest them if you like. You simply click and drag them around. For a nested quest, the players must first complete the outermost quest. This sort of helps block cheaters who might just copy stuff they see in chat.

Other things you can customize are the levels, how much XP is needed to advance, the titles of each level,

Let me know if you need more tips. I beta tested the quests extension for Bib and use them extensively on my servers.


How do they start the quest? Im just asking because theres a section: quest description.


They don’t really start the quest. They just enter the code to any quest available to them. They can get a list of what is available by typing: /quests
And details (description) with /quest

Here’s an example session:
player: /quests
server: Gold mine
Sky Island
Treasure chest
player: /quest Gold mine
server: Find the fabled gold mine with riches of ore
player: /code nugget
server: Quest completed!


Very good. Thanks