The Message Bot


Just released a new feature :slight_smile: when servers crash rejoins can make the bot a bit… spammy. Now you can set a limit. The defaults are shown.


Note that both join and leave messages are tied to the rejoin cooldown. If you join and then leave within 30 seconds, leave messages won’t be sent. If you leave and then rejoin within 30 seconds, join messages won’t be sent but the leave message will be if you’ve been on the server for at least 30 seconds.

If you want the old behavior back, set both settings to 0.

Also note that the bot only fetches messages every 5 seconds… so a 10 second cooldown really acts more like a 5 second cooldown, so will only limit crazy spammers.

Edit: Also, new extension to show online players in the navbar - won’t show on mobile.


Could you add the function to set a limit on how many ‘server coin’ you can have in the banking thing?


Wow, I could have sworn there used to be a setting for that in the old bot version. But I don’t see it now.


That’s very cool.


What do you want this for? I had it in the old version, but it didn’t seem to serve any purpose as all servers that used it that I knew about set the limit as high as it could go…

Which part?


The anti-flood measures :slight_smile:


So I can set the limit of ‘server coin’, or in this case points to at least 100


Well… yea… that’s the description of the feature. My question is why?


I just want that feature in the bot so people can’t get more then 100 points because it may not make things fair as they will have too many points.


I’m still not following you, what’s unfair about someone who spends twice as much time on a server having twice as many points? Whether it’s 5/10 or 1000/2000, I’m not sure I see a difference.


i see your point, but i just want things to be fair in my point of view.

Would there be any way to make this some sort of thing i can add to my bot only?


@Bibliophile do you know how I get the code from my existing bot and transfer it? I have the bot on my phone, but id like to transfer all the existing commands onto my iPad without retyping them all.


On your phone with the bot running, go to Settings and then scroll down to the bottom of that screen. You’ll see these options. Select “Show Backup”

You’ll be shown a VERY LARGE string in the text box. You have to copy the whole thing, and then paste it into an email or something that you can access from your iPad.

On your iPad, run the bot and go to Settings and this time select “Import Backup”. Paste that entire string, and restart the bot. Voila!

It’s not so easy that I recommend doing it very often, but you can also save a backup of the bot this way, just in case.


@jemnidad the only 2 options shown to me are “get backup code” and “import backup”


You want to get the backup code.

Then import on your iPad.


Thanks, @bilingual


Ah, you’re still using he older version of the bot. Once you get it set up on your iPad, you might want to upgrade to the latest bot version. It has a lot of nice features.


I just got the new version on my iPad. When I import the code from the old one will it still work?

For some reason the back up didn’t work… and it’s making the bot too laggy to use


You need to import the code into the same version bot as where you exported it from. Hmm, we might need @Bibliophile to clarify, whether you can import that code with the Migration extension or not.


The import function will import arbitrary data, it will just be ignored by the bot if it isn’t under the right keys & right format.

The migration extension looks for keys used by the old bot and converts them to the format used by the new bot.