The most hated moments…


That moment where…

You run out of energy in the desert.

You try to swim across the ocean. You run out of energy a quarter there and you slowly kick your legs at night, trying to reach somewhere.

You run out of fuel in a jetpack.

Your locomotive breaks due to a small bump in a railroad.

You go downhill in a handcar and try to go back up.

Your armor breaks in the worst possible timing.

You slowly limp across your forest at night. Dropbears are everywhere.


That moment where…

Your blockhead blocks themselves into a tight corner you’d thought would be blocked off, and the action queue that took you 20 minutes to formulate dissolves in a cascade of bounce sounds.

You finish building something massive, experience temporary euphoria and a sense of completion, then realize you still have to paint it.

An update throws your method of survival out the window, forcing you to abandon your now previously greatest project.

Your blockhead randomly falls asleep mid-action because you forgot to refuel the insomn- energy meter.

Something something something underwater and suddenly ice. Or sharks. One of the two.

Your self-satisfaction is brought to its knees seeing everyone else’s skill in this game.




That completely hypothetical moment where you explore half a world, only to have an ill-prepared blockhead blocked off by a seemingly endless army of scorpions and have to re-progress through the world. cough cough total hypothetical cough cough


Whenever you are halfway mined through a 20 minutes worth of titanium of a building and you get bombarded by **** off dropbears and a scorpion army at only half health while you are forever away from spawn


Almost done crafting this item that took forever to craft,



Riding your prized rainbow unicorn on an expert server where jets are not yet in sight. The server disconnects and you log back on to sudden death.

Building underwater almost done but than you suddenly realize you are out of kelp!

Hitting a lag wall while riding a handcart or a train, the server disconnects. You log back on to find that your transportation kept going.


When you just managed to build a fairly advanced base and farm in a difficult server, but kaypoppy joins and starts using her freeloading capabilities like a pro noob. It’s the most annoying moment, I must say. I get annoyed by myself too often.


That time where you think you connect your electric appliances to a power source, but that on wire is missing
Or when you are crafting something that takes forever to make, and you run out of blockhead energy/electric energy


That moment where…

You try to make a floor and your blockhead shuts themself in the corner


That moment where…
Your wood stuff gets burned due to a campfire
That moment where…
You forget to click ‘RECORD’ and you realize after making the whole video…


When you bring tamed animals and find out you can’t ride them because they disappear when placed in what you didn’t realise was a protected area.

When your jet pack disappears from your inventory while in an online server.

You make up a starter kit on the spot, hand it to a new player but after a minute of playing they leave and never come back.

When they ask for admin or a portal chest. (Do people not know how to read? It’s in almost every servers Rules)

When you make an awesome creative builds and find out that the middle darkens making it look ugly

When multiple shops keep becoming sold out, you which items you put in which shop, so you have to re-set the prices again and refill each shop one by one.

When someone kills tamed fish for food. (They were part of an aquarium. Mine.)

Water falls in cave and all lanturns and items break off then float away, leaving you in complete darkness.


I got banned from an anime rp


I set fire to a Blockhead really soon after starting this job and I got really upset, because I think of them as real critters. I always do with player characters. NPCs I can murder in cold blood, but when my avatar is hurt or dies I feel terrible.


Most hated moment is when you die and someone takes your stuff, awful…

Imagine if you had a lot of overpowered stuff just to have it taken away by someone else when you die…


In the middle of the ocean, without a boat, with no energy. That’s bad enough… + Sharks

Milla, I like your style…


Oh you know that one time you spawn in a unicorn at a protected area… it’s always nice… just loosing hours of hard work spent on a unicorn JUST to loose it… also just notice there is a thing above mine that says that :confused:


When you find a cave troll, and you are right about to die!


Most hated moment:
(I really hate this, who doesn’t?!)


When your jetpack runs out of fuel while you’re in space.