The most mean harmless thing you’ve done in the BH

For me it was in a server called “golden time” where I was admin and there was a place called “green city” with like the reputation for being “eco” friendly with solar and plants etc. So anyway being the self-heating pile of garbage I was back then I thought “seems like a nice place to put a factory”. So about ten blocks up from his towns top building I built a massive steam generator plant. He kept complaining it was too loud so I told him to play the game on mute. He got pretty mad and tried dismantling it with water. Eventually week or two later owner got word and there goes my factory. Miss ya golden time… we had good memories :cry:

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if you mean the most harmless thing we got in trouble for, I once got “exiled” (you can’t go to spawn) because I accidentily picked up 8 oranges at spawn and didn’t realize. apparently an admin got angry and made me go into “exile”

One I can remember is, I flooded this one friends tiny sky house as prank

…they flooded my (much, much bigger) house back soon after

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I flooded somebody’s house… with their permission! :lol:


Jumping into my friend’s house and reaching the only bed inside before she did.

Lol. If pvp was on she could just wack you with a spade

meditation courses… god knows they needed it

Expert mode players don’t live such luxury

@WumboJumbo yes sir you may flood my house thank you for asking

Painting the spawn rainbow of this server by a guy that annoyed me. The server was Infinity (from memory). I was admin for a while, got bored, then painted it lol.

im so sorry to hear this @BeakBoi20 :cry:

Wait was it xfinity server?? I was admin there like 5 years ago.

From what I remember, I don’t think it happened five years ago. :thinking:

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Dunno check the server dates. I just remember it being before I stopped playing Bh for a while. Probably not five years ago thoUgh you are right

I was saying that it likely didn’t happen in the Xfinity server. :man_shrugging:

Oh okat

KitKat? :question: :chocolate_bar:

Unlike texting when I mash gibberish into my keyboard and it corrects it doesn’t correct upon sending here

Maybe you should try Fig. :slight_smile:

Figs are pretty disgusting NGL

I was talking about the app, not the fruit! :lol: