The Most Outrageous Blockheads challenge ever (almost)


Okay, let me explain the basics of this challenge.

It will start with you spawning in your blockhead, that is it.

Actually, no. This challenge will attempt to create one of the most outrageous challenges in blockheads history.

There will be many things that i want you to do even if it may be quite silly:

1: You must be a vegan, that means you are not allowed to eat anything that comes from animals.

Foods that are banned will be shown here:
-Pizza (contains pepperoni which comes from animals)
-Raw/cooked meat of any kind
-Fish curry
-Dodo stew
-Dodo eggs
-Rainbow cakes (if made from droppings of unicorns when they die)

2: You are to play on expert normal mode vanilla, and your world must be 4x (single or multiplayer) or 16x (multiplayer only)

3: If any crafting recipe contains droppings from animals you are allowed to collect droppings but you are not to kill the animal, they must die themselves.

4: When mining you are to bring your blockhead up at night and go to bed, and speaking of that do not let your blockhead have insomnia. Let them sleep every night!

5: You are not to kill any animals, as it is not allowed. (including cave trolls!)

6: If a blockhead dies you must press “R.I.P” And plant a grave for them with all the belongings in the grave.

7: You must build a house within an in-game year.

8: Teleportation, trade portals, ownership signs and portals are not to be crafted!

9: You must craft every item that can be crafted, and you must have your workbench fully upgraded.

10: If any blockheads died and you had to press “R.I.P” do not spawn in a new blockhead that can replace them! When all 5 blockheads die you must delete the world and start a new!

11: Remember to keep these rules in the world you are playing on, write a few signs. Worlds without these rules at the spawn or anywhere else in sign are not allowed.

12: Make up your own rules if you want and post them here, rules that are chosen by me will be added to the thread.

13: You are not allowed to heal blockheads when hurt, but rather let sleeping do that for you. (The only time when you can heal is when you are starving and that is it)

And that should be it, Have fun and make sure to stay safe out there. :slight_smile:

Edit: Though coal may be from animals it will also be an exception as it is an ore and I will allow it. Because it is used for most things.


Yeah right, what about, “Anti vaxxer challenge”?
You can’t heal your blockhead, that’s it.

Also, Can I use oil related stuff? Because well, most of the oil is a remaining of ancient lifeforms.



You can kill plants, but just not animals




Is it possible to indirectly kill mobs such as drowning?

I accept the challenge

Is shearing allowed?


I’ve tried it with a cave troll in 1.6 but it never worked. Donkeys could swim and dodos, scorpions and dropbears sank. Now I think everything swims, so you might be out of luck.


Coal is made from fossils. Animal.

Also make it so that you can collect from trees OR for plants like carrots and corn you need to wait until they drop the items themselves, and not you manually harvesting it.

Also, cross out dodo eggs and worms too.