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I noticed this very old thread from 2015. Looked like a good idea so I thought I’d make a similar thread, so as not to bump. The format will be much the same as it was in 2015, but with polls, an advantage they didn’t have then. I think I’ll increase the required number of votes to 8, seeing as we have more forumers nowadays (AFAIK). I will also add downvotes (any opinions on this? Not sure is it would present a problem)
In order to nominate a server/user, you will have to post the name and a poll for people to vote on. Example-

I nominate Server X.

  • Yes, I think Server X should be on the list!
  • No, I don’t think Server X should be on the list.

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For more information, read the original thread :slight_smile:!

Servers Voted In-
Sunset Moon
Skylands Arena
Skeeve’s Exile

Servers nominated but not fully voted in-
Skylands Adventure
Moonlight Lanterns


I nominate @MFS

  • Me too
  • No thanks

0 voters


I nominate @jemnidad

  • Me too
  • No thanks

0 voters


I nominate Sunset Moon! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Sounds good!
  • No thanks.

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I think downvotes are fine when the poll is private.


Can’t, lol.


Is @UnicornsRReal35 allowed to suggest Sunset Moon?


Why are you asking that? You made the thread, and you’re the owner of Sunset Moon, not your sister. I’d think it’s fine, but you made the thread.


Now I look at that again, sounds a bit silly. Never mind :stuck_out_tongue:




I nominate Skeeve’s Exile.

  • Awesome! I agree!
  • No thanks.

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I nominate @Milla

  • Me too!
  • No thanks!

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I’d like to nominate @asyc

  • I can, much like you
  • I don’t need to nominate asyc

0 voters


I nominate @Thuthu

  • Nominate Thuthu
  • No thanks

0 voters


I nominate MajicDave

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

(Like seriously people, he should have been the 1st nominee)


I nominate @bilingual

  • Me too
  • No thanks

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I changed my stance on the no vote, it seems a bit rude regardless of it being a private poll.


Isn’t No thanks not good choice?


MFS won!


@MFS is a genius.