The New Blockheads Hall of Fame


Don’t get me wrong, I feel totally flattered/honored to be mentioned here… but I can’t help but feel a little bad about this idea. I mean, I think that it might make people who weren’t nominated feel bad, I think that it may make people who were nominated but didn’t get many votes feel bad, and I think it may make people who were mentioned and got a lot of “no” votes feel bad.

I could “nominate” SO many forum users for this (friends and non-friends), but I am intentionally not doing it because I don’t want anyone to think that I view their contributions as less than others.

Can I just nominate everyone who likes puppies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly why I have not voted no on anyone, I don’t want to make them feel less important than anyone else.


I am better than all of you. j/k


I nominate Milla’s bunnies

  • Yes
  • Nominate millas bunnies

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I nominate every single person on these forums!

  • Totally agree!
  • What a dumb idea…

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I nominate INeedPie

  • Yup me boi

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I nominate @UNIHORSE!

  • Yes
  • No

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I agree with Thu, servers are probably fine, but users probably fall under the popularity contest ban. I’m sure it wasn’t


I voted for all the people, then closed the people polls. Just worlds please :slight_smile:


I nominate @Wingysam

  • I agree
  • I object

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Please see my post immediately before yours.


I’ve gotta nominate Skylands Arena…

  • Yus I like winning all the races
  • No pls

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I’ve been playing at skylands arena for almost 3 years, I love the builds, the races, the community, the rules, it’s one of the best servers ever, it invented handcar racing and is still going strong after nearly four years.


Users category removed as per milla’s recommendation. We will just have servers. I’ll update later.


I think we should nominate RabbitHole since it’s a part of blockheads history.

  • I agree
  • I object

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@WumboJumbo, the user category has been removed.


What do you mean?


Sorry, I was just editing. Users can’t be voted in now. It’s just for servers.


I can’t delete or edit the poll.


Just close it then :slight_smile: