The new server, Beans!

My new server, Beans
The old one glitched so, I abandoned it! It is size 1/16 because I want everything to be somewhat close together and the tallest mountain is reserved for owner and top admins only. We have many projects in place currently and are looking for loyal admins. We only have 4 now and we are looking for at least 20. We would also like our administrators on often, at least once every 3 days. We also try to lomit the administration process, so you will likely be a mod for a few days before you can become an admin. We also need a destruction crew so if you are interested in any positions, state your full username and make sure the owner sees you at some points! We also allow admins to make reports on good behavior.
As the owner, I tend to be a bit too nice with admin, like, if you say it’s ur bday I will probably just give you admin and not care…
We only have a few rules. Only light griefing, and you MUST help fix it or it’s a permanent ban. Only light cussing. Please keep it PG and not 13+ please! We don’t judge others on religion, age gender, or sexuality. If you heavily judge people on that, you will likely be banned for about a day, and will have your house permitted for griefing, which means we will grief the crap out of your place and not help. I take this sort of thing really heavy so, please, just follow the rules and it will be a smooth road to admin.
Also, please make your builds look nice, if you need tips or help, tell someone, I’m pretty sure someone would help you.

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Once you have devised the rules list for this world could you please include them in the first post in this thread?

Ok. I am still working on the main foundation of the server so as I go along I will also add many more things to this post as well :grin::grin:

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In that case, the people being punished should also have their blockheads killed.

Yeah, we always have pvp on and health on easy