The New World

This is mostly fictional, I won’t actually do this. Mostly like a choose your own adventure, actually. Enjoy the adventure!

Day 1
You come out of the portal into your new world. There are trees to chop, flint to dig, resources everywhere. What do you do first?

  • Dig for flint, clay, and dirt with your shovel
  • Hit trees for wood and food
  • Keep moving and explore.

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Okay, the first day, digging seems to be the best choice. But the next few days might change the results. Tune in on saturday to hear the second chapter!

Might as well close it now.

You go dig for some flint and dirt. You craft a workbench from the portal. You lay it down and think of what to craft.

  • Craft Bench
  • Campfire
  • Tool Bench
  • Woodwork Bench

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You craft a tool bench and make a pickaxe and an axe. You mine some wood and make a small home underground. You put all of your benches inside. You craft a woodwork bench and make some chests and a bed.

Day 2

Youve all the basics needed. Now what?

  • Mine for ores
  • Explore

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