The Official Griffen-Land Photo Gallery


Please mind this is going to be a separate thread from the main world thread Griffen-land.

This is where I will be instead posting photos instead of the main thread to try to stop unnecessary things from appearing in the thread.

Now I have made something. Ralph from Wreck it Ralph, can you find it?



I think I am going to PM you so we can talk about this privately, so I can get in touch with you and know what your past User was :slight_smile:


So, I assume the thread will get merged…
But anyways, it would be good for the picture if you re-explored the black “fog” on the top.


Ralph the Red Nose Reindeer?


Ralph the Red Nosed Wrecker


I believe Milla May have said that a thread like this is okay. I may need her to reinstate that.

Just as long as no talks of the main world happen but pictures instead it should be okay.

Back on topic.


If anyone is curious of what the bottom of my welcome message looks like here it is :slight_smile:

The actual code to make this work in the inside is very sloppy and unorganized… :confused:


01010100 01100101 01100001 01110011 01100101 01110010 00100000 00100011 00110010 00111010

Excuse the binary, it means nothing. Quite literally :slight_smile:

Actually. Please do not translate it.


Decided to make this :slight_smile:


Here are some photos of when milla came over to Griffen-Land


ROFL @Lord-Hyness your binary says Teaser #2


Preview of new welcome message update for the future :slight_smile:

This update will include:

-More Buttons. News, Donor list, Ban appeal.
-Updated Directory Map
-Updated BotCMD’s Page
-Changes to welcome message


Whelp, I hope this makes your day :slight_smile: