The Official The BlockHeads Forums Year Book Of 2017



This is so sweet. I can’t quite believe 2017 is almost over. All those great topics, all those great memories… :slight_smile:


Yay thanks!!


Lol thanks😂


Thanks for putting me in the special thanks! I have like only posted 10 times this year😂


I was included! Nice yearbook!


Why, thank you for including me in the special thanks! I can’t imagine that I did any noteworthy things, but it’s a nice gesture :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw your name in there.


This is very sweet Foil, thanks for taking the time to put it together :blush:


I dont think so i already check it im not there :frowning:



Lol (facepalm​:man_facepalming:) sorry im was looking for dots because i remembered dots in my name sorry. And thanks foil so cool u made this :smiley:


This is amazing! How long did it take you? It’s mind-boggling :dizzy_face:


More than 3 hours


Thumps up :+1:


Even though I don’t really think I did anything, thanks for adding me! This must of took a while!


you don’t have to do anything to be featured. except being active and your name is familiar to many people :wink:


Well I made the book, does that mean I gets promoted to Admiral soon?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:



Dees Porky Family fishes want to give me kisses :laughing: I’m dying of laughter


It’s an inside joke between @djfamily and me… :crazy_face:


Must of took a lot of work!
I have a top topic? Yay!