The Official The BlockHeads Forums Year Book Of 2017



‘CookyJar’ shows all the cookies on the page, ‘CookieBaker’ makes a custom cookie, and ‘TestInjector2’ (2 instead of one because I kept losing my first test injector to a useful one) is used to test injections, and experiment with what JS does and doesn’t function in injections.


Aw man, I wasn’t in it. I guess i was just wasn’t blockhead famous enough :confused:


And I’m fairly certain you weren’t here when Foil was compiling it either. Or maybe you were, I wouldn’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he became active a little after.


It took me a while to get what you were referencing.


Blockhead famous is how much notifications you get, not how much you post :wink:

I am blockhead infamous


Normally ‘infamous’ means famous for the wrong reasons… I’m guessing you didn’t mean this…


Probably meant IMfamous.


I guess he wasn’t sure of the meaning of the word, but this is bumping.


Not really @INeedPie. They are still contributing to the Original Topic, and it hasn’t been long enough to be dredging


Oh, ok.


A month isn’t long enough to be considered dredging?


It hasn’t in the past
But you should check with milla when she returns


If it is, then the Blokonomy and The Void threads are dead, and I’ll just leave them shutterd. Seems a shame though, no?


I thought multiplayer was exempt from dredging?

I just wanted to clarify I didn’t mean Santee was dredging, I just thought a month was the minimum to be considered dredging if it isn’t contributing much.


World threads are exempt from the bumping and dredging rule.

A time scale for bumping and dredging isn’t specified on the rules post. I believe I have seen somewhere that milla trusts us to use an element of common sense and I have a vague recollection of seeing something that suggests 2-3 months is ok. So, no, not bumping or dredging.


wait, wat did I miss




I like the new update.


We need a yearbook for 2018!