The owner portal is down


any solution??
i have tried in 2 device and showming me the same thing

dave has solved the problem guys wooray

Owner portal connection

I can’t get into mine either. Must be on their end.


I just have a white screen.


It isn’t working for me either.


Renamed thread to indicate what it is about and moved to #bugs-glitches.

I’m sure Dave will fix it once Milla sees this thread :slight_smile:


<starts sweating profusely from withdrawal> :frowning:


I’ve let Dave know. How long it takes depends on whether he’s out surfing or at home. You never know if the surf’s been up :slight_smile:


I’m able to get back onto mine now :slight_smile:


Hello. Is anyone else having trouble accessing their owner portal? image


Multiple people have been experiencing this.

EDIT: I can connect to it


Woohoo! Thank you for the update.


the problem has fix


Dave rebooted the server. One of it’s services wasn’t responding, probably HTTP. We don’t know for sure though. Easier to just reboot :slight_smile:


Thank You! I couldnt get to the forums either on my phone… Could this problem be related…?


No, they are totally unrelated.