The point of "Die on Exit?"


Any servers have it set to die on exit? If so, why? You lose your progress. And a bunch of stuff.
I don’t think anyone likes it or uses it. Maybe on survival servers…

Admins and mods suffer too!


Well i use it when i start new sp servers to get stuff to start until i have a trade portal


I did that when the 1.7 update came, to see how items worked.




The point is to make sure people don’t join your server I guess


Just. Dont. Use. It.


Just popped in to leave you a tip:

Got a hacker in your server? A thief perhaps? Turn on Die in Exit, kick them, and retrieve the inventory.

It’s a great tool for server owners. Gotta be quick though.


“Die on Exit” can be useful for factions/raiding servers to discourge those who keep all of their valuable stuff in your inventory, making players who are online allowing them to raid your base for the stuff.

HOWEVER, I would NOT recommend using this function for servers that crash & disconnect the player constantly.


Sorry, I’m an anciently annoying forumer who enjoys quoting my dusty old posts. Cough cough.


That works too, right?


The main thing I see for this is minigame servers


I believe you mean /reset-owner, and that only works on Mac servers. For cloud servers, die on exit is probably your best bet.


Does that even matter? I mean… I could say you’re correcting my english (technically) but whatever, just… what? ._.

Now that you say that, it explains a lot of things.

Still, Milla is the best option on hackers.


He’s not correcting your English, he’s just saying he thinks that’s what you mean.


I said “Technically”.
Still, since this thread doesn’t deserve to be closed for a useless discussion I’ll just pass that.

Still, why is this thingy needed?


You got the answer. And no, I am not going to quote several posts from this very thread for you🙂


to store items while ur in custom worlds you can die again and again with ur spawn items