The Portal: A Blockheads Prologue

Been a while since I have last written anything.

Here is a rough draft of a possible new story I may *hopefully* make.

Feedback is appreciated.

What true powers does the portal truely possess? Where do we, the Blockheads, come from? Sure, it is a well known fact that we come from the Portal; however, why this occurs is yet unexplained by current science. What is known is that by dropping a few Time Crystals in the vinicity of the portal teleports you to another Portal, or maybe that dropping a few gems and Time Crystals would give you a special pickaxe.

No Blockhead has been able to ever reenter the Portal, however. It has been tried many countless times, from the beginning from the age of the Blockosaurs to the time of Christopher Blokombus to the present. Once you come out, you stay out. Period. No Blockhead truely has memory of the world they were created in. Of course, there are people who cry wolf and exclaim in the streets of the many cities, “I know what it is like outside the world! I remember being created!” Of course no one believes it, but one theory in peculiar is popular with a considerable amount of people: Dave created us. Of course, the evidence behind it does not seem fairly plausible, but the Dave Society seems to think overwise.

However, I do have a theory, or rather, will be the living proof of the truth, for I have made a device capable to pass through the strange, impenetrable barrier holding us blockheads from ever going back into the Portal. I will be able to use it to go in, and explore the deep mysteries of the Portal.

This is my story, and how I, James Raid, managed to explore the secrets the Portal beholds.


I like it. I like how it’s written in a documentary format.

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Yes! I love it!

We want more!

This is old, but I’d love to hear this story!

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I think you’re a bit too late to hear more of the story.