The Purple Panda strikes again 😈


Once upon a time there was nice, lovely person called star (don’t wanna name her-just keep reading and you’ll get why). She played on a wonderful world that you should TOTALLY VOTE FOR called starlight Sky’s 4. She had a wonderful friend, and he was known as the purple panda.

She had not known of what was going to happen. On April 1st, April fools day, the purple panda will STRIKE HAVOC onto her home.
So yeah, on April fool’s day I’m gonna paint her whole house purple as a prank.
star: really triggered
Me: starts running “It’s just a prank bro!”


yeetus feetus star commit purple panda deletus


By any chance is that the Hogwarts meme about pregnancy?

Back on topic, that seems like a good prank!
Seems simple but welp…


Maybe I don’t know
Anyways,I like the idea, err, prank


What does this mean?


Should i ping her…


Humor, I think.


Oh whoops wrong thing-
Humor, yes. It’s kinda a joke I have with my friends and I was a little too tired to notice that some people wouldn’t understand it :/. Anyways, I was trying to show that Star wouldn’t like it too much, as expressed in the OP


Don’t. You’re ruining a surprise and everyone will think you’re a party pooper if you do lol


Don’t worry, I think you will be able to ping her after April 1st.


It’s been done guys…just wait until tomorrow


I’m laughing shadow.I might have to get you back :joy:


Oh no have mercy lol