The secret to getting lots of free time crystals


For you new players out there who are in need of free time crysals I have posted the secret to free time crystals.

Those free tc servers out there are going to be the death of the blockheads so do not use their time crystals if because they are stealing money from majicdave, they might someday drain dave’s revenue and force him to stop updating the blockheads and shut down all the servers because running servers costs real money and if you use hacked time crystals to run them than it is stealing real money from majicdave.

Now for the secret of free leginamate time crystals:

Go on a well developed (preferably 16x) server that has diamond trade portals and save up for a diamond pickaxe, supplies, a steel (or titanium if you are patient), lights, and mining gear.

Once you have the money buy the stuff and head far from player mines and explored caves and civilization.

Than go looking for time crystals in caves (they can generate as a special ore that looks like a block for of time crystals) when you find some than mine it with your diamond pickaxe and you will get 6x the amount of time crystals as you would with a normal pickaxe. Keep looking for this ore and only mine it with your diamond pickaxe. Search every unexplored cave you can find and watch as many time crystal videos as you can.

Soon you will have a lot of free leginamate time crystals.

Happy mining.


You can also do the same on a normal single player world, of course. 16x size does help, but it also means that you have a lot more competition. And as an alternative to trade portals, just craft the pickaxe the old-fashioned way.


You can make SP TC worlds like what Urzamax said. Some people have lots and lots and lots of TC, for those worlds 'specially dedicated to TC.

Good tip, though! :wink:


When going hunting for TC you might be interested in the guide I made some time ago on how to get 10.000 TC from a single player world:


My secret used to be watching TC vids. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I explain it in another way? If people disagree with that I can delete this post.

[U]The story of the hacker[/U]

One day, Bobby the hacker started to play The Blockheads and used Jailbreak to hack time crystals. There’s no problem until he creates lots of servers with those hacked time crystals and start to add credits to a lot of other servers to max them out. He teaches other people how to hack time crystals, then those other people teach to their friends, to other people. Bobby meats Tommy and teaches him how to hack. Tommy doesn’t have jailbreak, so he asks Bobby to give him time crystals in safes to dupe them.

[COLOR="#006400"]Advantage: You don’t need time to do what you want

Inconvenient: You ruin the fun of playing it legitely, you are cheating.
Cheating means you don’t play the game correctly, which means that YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY A SIMPLE GAME WITHOUT CHEATING, that means you don’t know how to play.[/COLOR]

Dave the developper pays to the Cloud for servers. Players normally get time crystals by buying or watching videos which gets him money to pay the servers. Bobby and his friends started to hack time crystals, causing Dave to pay more than usual with ghost time crystals. One day, Dave runs out of money and he can’t pay to the Cloud anymore. The Cloud servers shut down, and the very most of multiplayer servers will be closed. Bobby is sad.

[COLOR="#006400"]Advantages: You can get servers easier
Inconvenient: You destroy servers easier[/COLOR]

[U]The story of the time crystal duper[/U]

Tommy continues to dupe time crystals and teaches his friends how to dupe.
Tommy: „It’s cool, it’s much easier and FREE TIME CRYSTALS FOR EVER!!! The best thing“
[COLOR="#006400"]Except that “that best thing” is “the best thing to ruin the game”.[/COLOR]
Tommy: „Let me get to 100,000,000 time crystals and get a lot of servers as storage servers!“
Tommy puts all his valuable things and stuffs in his servers.
Dave can’t pay for the Cloud anymore, and shuts down all the servers.
Tommy is sad, because he had all his stuffs in his servers.

[U]Other cases of hacks[/U]

Poppy duped hacked trade portals to his friends.
Poppy: „HA! We can buy things so much easier!!“
[COLOR="#006400"]And easier to get people unable to buy with their normal portals.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#006400"]It means that it can cause big problems to economy.[/COLOR]
Poppy got his iPad reseted because of the iOS backup fail
Poppy tries to go to a server and see a level 6 trade portal
Poppy: „Alright, I’ll play legit (not)“
Trade portal level 6, 1 wood costs 300 platinum coins
Trade portal level 6, 1 jetpack costs 2772 platinum coins
Trade portal level 6, 1 linen hat costs 700 platinum coins
Poppy: :eek:

Rorry uses hack of fly without jetpack. He flies everywhere.
Donny says: Do you know jetpacks?
Rorry: No

Duper joined a server with castles and awesome spawn
Admin: Thanks
Duper: How do you make the walls green?
Admin: Paint
Duper: I didn’t know about that where do you buy them?
Admin: You can’t buy them
Duper: Oh…
Duper: Give me the blocks that you duped for building that
Admin: We don’t dupe
Admin: Facepalm

[COLOR="#008000"]Adventage: You can do things easier
Inconvenient: You know nothing about the game[/COLOR]



This is for newish players who don’t have diamond trade portals on their world and are low on tcs.

On well developed trade portals allowed servers you don’t have to use time crystals to upgrade the portals and make a diamond pick.

And the old fashioned way costs time crystals.


Wait, we were talking about hacked TC?


Nice guide.

I would personally suggest going on a developed but untouched server.

Majic Islands for instance.

(not an advert hopefully)


You should combine this with watching videos daily and your income of tc should be quite high


Correct. Vungle can also help!


I actually use that way for my server Lefty Plains, also I made FAIRLY my trade portal, I DON’T have a nice spawn and so I watch like 20 ads per day, so 20x20=400TC a day, look? We don’t need cheats/hacks to be succesful, we must play fairly, and that’s what I do, since then I installed Vungle SDK as an advertiser of the blockheads and so Dave now wins 25 cents per ad so 20x25=5$ Dave earns, basically it’s like buying a crystal pack while Vungle pays it for you, have a nice day!


But Dave lives in New Zealand and the currency is NZD. I don’t think it would be same.


Maybe the NZD can transfer to U.S money! :raspberry:


1 US$ = 1.50 NZ$

I believe Dave receives the same amount of money depending what is bought, though the player buys things that prices change depending on where they live and what currency they give.


This is a nice secret, but there is a way that’s the easiest for me…
Just watch the videos and earn 20 free times crystals!
I went from 20 to 100 time crystals in 2 minutes! :smiley:


Is it done with custom rules by putting a specific seed? Right now I have TC crisis and I want to earn TC legally. :dead:


Actually, it needs to be done on vanilla worlds. TC blocks will not spawn on custom worlds, due to the simplicity of freebie lights, tools, etc. that a player can give themself. One advantage of a vanilla world is that you can use a portal chest, which means supplies from your other vanilla worlds/servers can be brought in. Ronnie’s guide, mentioned earlier in the thread, is excellent for those who seek a legitimate way to get a lot of TC.


So how you make a world especially dedicated for TC?

How much Advertisement can you watch per day in Blockheads and how much you earn?


A tc world is basically hacked tc
You can watch as meany ads as you want and earn 20 per ad that’s how I got my server