The secret to getting lots of free time crystals


Yeah, but… isn’t there a limit of how many Ads you can watch? I heard that 5 is the maximum and with an app it can increase it up 20-35 and that it depends on what country you are…


Nope I’m in USA and watched enough to get 600 tc


I know it’s off-topic but, what’s your server name?


It’s New Years by Hayley and Logan
Ps whey do you need it


Because I might join it since I’m pretty bored since I deleted my server and not many servers are active…




Nick is right, it’s for vanilla worlds only. You have to play until you get a diamond pickaxe then just going about mining around the world, ignoring iron, tin, any type of ores, really, and just getting TC. Diamond Pickaxes can earn a lot of TC. I should know…

By TC Worlds, I don’t mean hacking, I mean worlds solely dedicated to mining TC, not actually playing.




Sadly, I just read these comments and only now is it that I understand why hacked tc is hated so much. I feel so bad! I have already been using hacked tc for a long time now. Maybe if I had known this sooner, I would’ve played the game legitimately. What do you do when you’re in my situation?


You can read about Smeegle’s guide to hacked tc here, or by tapping the down arrow on the quote.


How is this post got 20k views within just 15 users…