The tin foil hat

In real life, a tin foil hat protects from waves. In the block heads it stops the mind control.
I put tin foil over my phone and it lost connection.
I put a tin foil hat on my block head, and it seemed to loose connection of me, doing its own thing.

Know I put a tin foil hat on all 3 of my block heads, leaving the last 2 to meditate.
My block head strangely enough started to mine dirt, and all 4 others mined the same one, using their bare hands rather then the tin spade.

My advice: Do not craft a tin foil hat as its a waste of tin and a waste of foil and your block head goes crazy. NUFF SAID.:mad:

Also the tin foil hat makes block heads in love with sharks. :cool:

Btw this thread is to say in one word, or 2, DO NOT WEAR THAT HAT

some people find ways to use the tin foil hat for other stuff in a way that is proactive. such as the automatic farm.

Yes, the mind controller is actually you (me, all players). They always wait for your command, tin foil hats make them do their things.

They don’t listen, and only harvest when they feel like it.

But that means if you leav them in a closed room with the food you want and a tin spade the will farm that food
It might work better with two

And the walls should be non-natural blocks.

The tin foil hats are pretty fun, I’ll sometimes do that while I’m bored and see what my blockhead wants to do when it’s by itself (for some reason, it likes standing in the rain as opposed to inside his cozy home :stuck_out_tongue: I guess he hates fireeplaces ;)). If you trap it inside with non-natural blocks (Glass, metal blocks, that kind of stuff) then it might want to harvest trees for you in there, which is good news for you. :smiley: The non-natural blocks are so that it doesn’t escape, since it doesn’t seem to destroy non-natural blocks without the right tools.

A while ago (1.4) I had a farm with 2 tin foil bh in it. It was enclosed with stones. It went well for a while but one day one them decided to escape by breaking stone wall. It succeeded also. Then i stopped using those.

And when i say it went well for a while, they were extremely ineffective, almost always tryingg to reach a tree outside of farm (and since they cant they were just climbing and waiting on walls), almost never use two beds always ready and collapse instead. And once in a while actually collect oranges they supposed to.

I like to have one of my other blockheads follow the tinfoil guy, fixing the chaos his friend does…

Doesn’t everyone deserve freedom? I sometimes let my blockheads have a little time in their tin hats to give them a little time to think on their own :slight_smile:
Seriously though, I think the AI of tin-hatted blockheads is interesting and study it sometimes.

I like to have one of my other blockheads follow the tinfoil guy, fixing the chaos his friend does…


Sometimes I just wanna see what they will do, then I realise they’re trying to wreck my house .-.

I am going to make a world where the blockhead is always wearing a tin foil hat :cool:.

You could start with putting him on an island first. [emoji1]

Your gonna get a lot of dirt holes in that world xD

THanks nearly made a tin foil hat!!!:slight_smile:

I’m gunna try this out

He is mining coal yey

I put him in a cave before letting him go

He sleeps when he isn’t tired but hey he is getting a lot of coal