The top goal in BH

What do you guys believe the “end” of the blockheads is, like the top achievement (like defeating ender dragon in Minecraft) I think it’s getting a jet pack.

Diamonds! :gem:

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Jet pack is way harder to achieve!

to explore the entire world

The hardest thing to achieve isn’t always the end goal.

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Yea that’s fair, way too hard though…

if you explore the entire world you’ve found diamonds and need a jetpack to do it because of sky islands

Yes I guess but like a diamond is pure luck a jet pack you have to like earn. My first med drop from a world was once a diamond

It isn’t pure luck.

makes sense. also I didn’t realize forums topics had live updating image

this was at the bottom of the page

Also when you are typing it appears above next to the name of those you are replying to

It’s always been there.

It’s been a feature of Discourse since the beginning of time.

interesting. more complete screenshot:

Yes its mostly luck, like finding diamonds or getting a wither skull in MC

maybe it’s finding a cave troll

That isn’t technically luck though.

Ooooh that’s good… but also mostly luck. Also where did you get your name firestar

warriors by erin hunter

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I mean it’s not like you know where diamonds are you have to look around or (like me) just get a med drop

Haha I thought so. I read the first book but was uninterested after that.

It’s a percentage chance. It’s based upon a world generation algorithm. That certainly isn’t luck.