The Truth About 1.7 Update!


We lost everything, all of it just in a snap the old memories are vanishing day by day.

Hello Everyone!!

I am going to talk about how the new update changed me and i guess every Blockheads player. Starting from when i started playing blockheads, till now everything has changed a lot! I used to play blockheads day and night but now I don’t think i enjoy playing it that much as I did before…

I lost all my friends who played with me before and I am the only one in my friends group who plays blockheads even now. We used to enjoy and have a lot of fun playing and chatting. This game was the only game i enjoyed playing and if you can’t understand my love towards this game you can see that i created a YT channel named Blockheads Magic Lamp. I loved making videos on that channel and i still make videos on Blockheads. I am not enjoying making videos on my channel and no body is cause it has become boring.
Here is a pic i took:

I took this pic on that time when most of the players played before but as you can see now the most popular server is just 6 players it used to be 16 before. And that too it is some kind of a rp server and some people don’t like roleplaying (like me). For people like me it’s hard to make friends and chat because most of the ppl playing now are Roleplayers.

Here are some calculations i made to calculate the amount of players playing:

Amount playing on the most popular time = 42 (approx.)
Amount of away players out of 42 = 6 (approx.)
Amount of offline players = 15 (approx.)
Amount of players who play on password servers out of 42 = 4 (approx.)

Total players including away & password world players = 42+15 = 57 players (approx.)
Total players not including away & password world players = 42-6+4+15 = 47 players (approx.)
So, by the calculation you can see that 57 is the best we can get. As compared to the older days it’s not great at all.
Everyone was excited for this update but it wasn’t up to the mark. This update brought many awesome stuff but didn’t satisfy most of the players including me.

I just want to say something to @majicDave & @milla (They probably won’t see this) but do you (Dave) really think this update brought you profit?? Because of this update you lost players which ultimately leads to loss of profit. Before this update lots of players played and i think you got enough profit before as compared to now.
Most of the Blockheads players are children who are not allowed to do in-game purchases so i think that’s the main reason for this loss.
Forum members are also reduced to 20 (approx.).

I really hope that the olden days will return back!

By all this it doesn’t mean that i hate the game. I am worried about the old players who left the game. You might read this or not but it’s my opinion. I know it’s too big but i have a lot more to say but I’ll stop here.

I am scared if i will leave this game one day.

Hi I’ve lost my passion for blockheads
Any good servers? 😉

I used to check out all the worlds with more than one player on them several times a day back then, because I had to hunt down inappropriate activity constantly. It was rare that a world was full, and generally it was either an organised forums event, or a highly problematic roleplaying world, which I then proceeded to lock to private anyway. Now there are way fewer worlds, and a fair number fewer players, but our running costs have suddenly become much more healthy, so the game got to stay online. YAY!

The alternative would have been an earlier retirement for the online part of the game, so no, we don’t regret the results of the update at all. It has extended the viability of the game, and improved the conditions under which our younger players find themselves playing, substantially. It has also meant people don’t tend to make worlds purely for the purpose of misusing our network and corrupting our young players any more, so my job has gone back to being a supportive, positive force for Majic Jungle, rather than the big bad police for half of my working day. It’s WAY better.


Ofcource it might’ve been easy for you but tbh most of the servers now are rp servers which leads to corruption. Most of the Blockheads players are not youngsters anymore. It might be good for you but if you see the no. of players now, you can clearly see the loss of players compared to before. Making the game pricey is not a good move for youngsters. If this update continues you may lose players and also the profit you’re getting now cause after few months just 2-3 servers will go online leading to less profit and game may become unpopular soon. How many months do you think ppl can waste $ just to add credit to a server?? Its too costly to add just for 7 days. No arguments i really support my opinion and you support your’s but logically i think game should be enjoyed by players not by developers… (Sorry if you felt this offensive)


Actually the amount of money you need to spend to add credit to a server is less right now than it was before the 1.7 update. Unless you’re talking about pirated TC.


I am not praising pirated TC but i am sad that i lost all of my old friends who once loved playing this game and i keep on joining the same online servers (as they are limited) and the game is laggy compared to before…

In my opinion the game should be smooth and there should be handful of servers to hangout thats what a player really need :slightly_smiling_face:


@Hnandj_BML it was either change the tc credit to paid or probably loose multiplayer you don’t have to pay at all to play the game I like the change my server has a lot more credit now then it did and i keep tc a lot longer and actually i still buy tc because it’s the useless they just took one use still need it definitely also there are popular servers still left that aren’t bad you’re just looking at anime servers try one of the servers on the forums even Ailes has a few people sometimes


The whole point of the server change was to stop tc pirating.

And what do you have against rp servers? There are plenty of non rp servers in #multiplayer


Oh my gosh I thought I was the only person who hates 1.7 I love you for making this thread ( no I do not praise TC piracy )

Nobody understands! 1.7 added a really bad discovered option where you need to find a specific item for buying stuff

remember starlight sky’s? You did a lot of cool stuff, and built wanna build a super cool castle in ss4? **you cannot discover anything ** instead you can ask an admin :unamused: forgot something? ** ask them again ** :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: congrats you ruined an admin’s fun of being important.

Remember servers where you raid people? So fun right? Made good friends, made good builds,had fun in battles. In 2018 **you will never see these again :wink: ** and the people there weren’t like people on starlight sky’s, they were more aggressive. Because of their freedom. It was actually fun and you can have an awesome experience, almost as awesome as Minecraft! The game blockheads was based off of, it actually grew a fan base that was strong.

When people had portal chests and free build this created a great opportunity for a lot of good servers to be made, this concept grew a strong community and even a server list that was really active ( and sure other servers do not have to be vannila and could pull it off ) but when you screw up and buff a great feature your community falls apart

And also this game has a community has a community of YOUNG PEOPLE I don’t care what you say, you can easily find this game by searching free Minecraft when you update a game think about your fans not the corner of your fans that are very innocent and respectful ( the forums )

1.7 did more than effect a server amount

In my opinion I don’t think most people on forums won’t understand stand how 1.7 almost killed this game

Thank you for making this thread, and thank 1.7 for ruining our fun :weary::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


That’s fair tbh. 1.7 is cool but the amount of servers I’m interested in has dipped. As a man of faction servers, it’s hard to find places I like now.


I am saying this as someone who has spent over a year on forums and spent years playing this game

No I do not praise TC piracy

1.7 screwed up, bad. you had a strong fan base, almost as strong as Minecraft.

Dave we know you probably have played some servers, but not all the servers. This fan base grew off of these type of servers ( RP, factions , free build , plant growing ) these servers grew fan’s fun of playing this game, these servers also let you have have portal chests and free build, free build in vanilla in a server is just really hard now,( oh but just ask them for stuff ) oh yeah I forgot ha :unamused: wow

Dave also had the idea to “ buff ads “ ( we only get 20 tc ads every ten minutes ) :clap:t2: one thing Dave probably doesn’t know is that ** tc hacking is what made his fan base popular with the majority of YOUNGER fans** but tc hacking was bad so he had to remove it, this is something he HAS to do. But ads, you even get money from ads, why would you BUFF ads? Ecpecially when people will be spoiled after hack patches. give me a break this game has like over 5 million downloads, the forums is the a quarter of the fan base, at least keep your ad play amount.

Don’t depend on the forums! Like I said the forums is a small quarter of the fan base, the people here most likely accept everything and never point out the errors, the actual errors that are problems bigger than any glitches. Once your too dependent your more mature and polite you will never realize what your doing that’s wrong.

remember how much new people showed up on this website when 1.7 released, there was like over 100 new threads. Some of the people already here respected the update. The people who were new don’t respect the update. Those people were the part of the fan base you should have depended on, you should please all your fans who still play not one small corner of it.
Which perfectly explains this

Well done

Why do we have to discover blocks in vannila? You know what will happen if this lives on? Faction servers will die, and free build servers will die in weeks than months

2:39 pm of New York 2018, these servers used to actually be really popular, still very popular but still, even Christmas is over. Faction servers work in a certain way,
-build bases and battle teams
Building will suck 2018 because you need to discover everything
Oh and also what was fun about faction servers with don’t even have high level starters, when you raid someone you get all their stuff and can sell their stuff in the trade portal and buy what ever you want, I repeat WHAT EVER YOU WANT.

These are things Dave should have done

  • add more additional purchases
    -only remove bad hacks
    -add a better server system for searching popular servers

And this is honestly disappointing, the blockheads is almost 6 years old and the game has continued growing popularity, but it has started dying in my opinion and nobody else here is realizing.

RIP blockheads 2013-2019


According to google’s graph of search trends, during the release of 1.7, there was a one month spike of searches. Then it fell drastically and back to normal like before 1.6.


Incorrect. You’re making some wild assumptions, and missing the mark.

Also, the forums is a small fraction of our market. Our largest group altogether is iOS users who never interact with us at all, via any of our channels. Android users and those who contact us via social media or the forums are a tiny part of our customer base.


I think 1.7 helped keep TBH alive longer (Multiplayer at the very least)


The thing is, it’s no longer hard to create a popular server. Servers no longer need to advertise to find players- there are plenty of players looking for good servers to play on.

I run Mac servers. You’ll never find them by searching the cloud- they dont show up there. You’ll never be able to randomly join them- for the same reason. I currently run four servers. Two have a lot of players, two are more laid back and casual. None are advertised on any MJ channels, including the forums. All are ROP servers.

With the advent of 1.7, I can be much more discerning about who does and does not get to play on a given server. That’s something that maybe some players don’t like. But server owners DO.


@Kingmaharjan10 @Hnandj_BML I am so sorry to hear how your estimations of the blockheads have dropped. What specifically are you guys unhappy with? In reflection you Millas explanation of the update enabling the online aspects of the game to continue- would you still like for the game to have continued the trajectory it had?

One thing I had often been so amazed with in the Blockheads it is so easy to make friends with new people.I am sad to hear you guys have lost many of your freinds. But what it is that has caused you to continue to stay. This is something I always preach as it is my personal BH mantra but when you guys first started playing the game before you heard about Pirate TC, Duping or hacked items did you not first start your single player by discovering, crafting and working hard?

Though I can definitely see how some people may have left due to the update, I do not feel it is conclusive to pin it alll specifically due to the update. I personally have never played roleplayig servers or faction servers but tend to prefer survival/economy servers and though I usually play on alt accounts I can honestly say I have met many new players since the update who I enjoy interacting with.

It can be hard to accept change and especially so on something you feel so connected to but I would ask you to question if for pirate TC and no discovery ect to go would it be worth not have access to multiplayer?


While I definitely understand performance issues, I do think the 1.7 update was a step in the right direction.


There are changes that are completely unrelated to how worlds are credited that are fair game for criticism, but where the paying for hosting of worlds is concerned, it was a simple choice between two outcomes:

  1. Allow people to continue to create worlds without us getting the income to pay for them, and completely lose multiplayer hosting. Blockheads would be a singleplayer game, aside from Mac server-hosted worlds.

  2. Change the business model, thus losing certain customers, reducing overheads, and retaining the multiplayer hosting service for everyone else, and to a higher standard.

This is the way it was and is, and there are no valid arguments that negate these facts. You pay for it or you lose it. TC credit allowed people to steal it rather than pay for it, and they did, by the thousands. They had to go.

It’s not about making us happy. It’s about keeping us viable, so we could continue to offer the service. We did it to save the cloud, and it succeeded.

Sapiens is being designed in such a way as to avoid this problem completely. We learned our lesson from this :slight_smile:



I personally don’t like them as they sometimes lead to bullying and some other unwanted stuff.

There are like 4 servers which don’t include rp but in those servers most of the ppl are away and some servers don’t have ppl at all and if ppl are there they don’t care about new players and some ppl ignore for no reason.

@Kingmaharjan10 You’re welcome.

@Joe It is true that Mac servers run good but in case if a new player comes they don’t know what mac server’s are and i am a owner to what used to be a “multiplayer” server and i personally don’t like the update. It might have been easier to make a popular server but it doesn’t remain popular forever cause blockheads is day by day losing players.


I wrote everything before. Scroll up and see. A quick answer, 1.7 update.

I would but not everything. I would like some changes to the game before 1.7.

Of course I did but everything was not “undiscovered”.


Pirated TC was a big problem before and i am happy that it is solved but i don’t think introduction to these new ways of adding credit was great. I don’t like few things like undiscovered items which made it hard for survival servers to build and no one can discover all the items that easily. I have a small recommendation which i thought will be liked by people who have the same opinion as me and people who have the same opinion as yours.
Introduction to something called “credit coins”. These coins can be earned by watching ads or by doing tasks or by daily rewards. In upcoming updates Blockheads should introduce daily rewards which include free TC and some free items and also credit coins. If people play continuously for 5 days they should get credit coins. These credit coins are not an item like TC. They cannot be brought with real money, they can only be earned by the above methods. We can see how many coins we have but cannot pirate them cause they cannot be brought by real money.They can be used to add credit to servers or to create new server. They are hard to earn but can be earned pretty easily by doing tasks EX : To fish 100 fishes. These tasks can be done in any survival servers (not custom rules). Undiscovered items must probably be deleted. This method of paying money should still be there for ppl who like it and also another option called credit coins should be added so that one has an option to choose between paying real money and collecting credit coins. People who like 1.7 update will still like it and ppl like me who are disappointed will like it too.

Two options should be ::

7 Days Credit = $21
30 Days Credit = $59


7 Days Credit = 1,000 CC
30 Days Credit = 5,000 CC

CC - Credit Coins

By doing this you may get more profit and players who deleted the game due to 1.7 may return back.

What is Sapiens??

I don’t want to be aggressive to anyone who don’t have the same opinion as me but i love reading your opinions.

Should Credit Coins Be Introduced??

  • YES!!
  • No!

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My recommendation may not be added but i really hope it would be so that everyone would like it!


@Hnandj_BML people would find a way to hack it dave could have made people even more upset and did away with cloud servers also sapiens is daves new game he is making


I think the undiscovered items in the trade portal was added to encourage people to reduce their reliance on the trade portal, and actually go out and have fun exploring the world to find new items.

Trade portals made the game sooo much easier, and almost eliminated the relevance of the “explore and mine” aspect of gameplay. Everyone just makes huge farms to sell stuff to buy whatever they want, because it’s simply easier and takes less effort than challenging themselves to find the items they want themselves (which would probably take much more time). In this light many players switch to using the tp since it exists and it saves time and effort. Sadly the tp kills the fun of gathering the desired resources on their own in their own world. Sometimes I wish the trade portal never existed. If the tp didn’t exist, then those who enjoy exploring and mining for resources will not find what they are doing a waste of time - compared to using something that literally instantly adds items into the world.

Of course, there are many people who do NOT find it fun to gather their own resources and rather make a money-generating farm and use the tp, not forgetting faction servers like you mentioned. And that is totally fine, each to their own playstyle. Even I am somewhere in between the two and am heavily reliant on the tp. And the discovery option does have its disadvantages - in a server where most places are explored and resources stripped, it is really hard to discover all the items as a new player without using a portal chest or an admin/another player’s help. And you need to find a golden chest to make it, which is near impossible in a world where almost everything naturally valuable is taken away. Looking at rabbithole XD~ In this light, I think turning it off should be an option for server owners on survival.

There has to be a compromise between the two groups, and I find that the item discovery is a good one. It forces players to explore and collect each item at least once. That way, players who like exploring and mining get to do so knowing that what they are doing is not a waste of time, while those who prefer to farm money get to use the tp.