The Truth About 1.7 Update!


So, you are suggesting a second type of TC then? You haven’t grasped the problem, have you?


The cost of 30 days of credit is 2.99 USD.

He made it for his wife.


Oh really just 3 USD? In google it says $59??!

Oh LOL but @milla says for youngsters… :joy:


Then something is clearly wrong. Or your app is using the dollar sign as a placeholder for your currency.


It could be rupees it could be euros. It could be yen but definitely not dollars. Dave is a good man. You arent getting

and yes, i know euros has more value than USD.


Well what I do know is that the Play Store doesn’t use signs for currencies all the time, like in my country they don’t use ₱, but RUB for the currency. Before though, the Blockheads used $ instead of RUB.


I don’t understand two things:

  1. Why is there ads every ten minutes now? Isn’t that counterproductive?
  2. Why couldn’t you get rid of tc hacking in the first place?

Every time I’ve asked these questions, people haven’t given me an answer :neutral_face:


You really cant stop people from hacking. There will always be a way to hack in, even if tech increases.


94% say NO! at the moment and I belong to them. Im good and I do support paying really money for the server worlds.


No, I said a lot of young kids play it. It was originally designed, by sitting Emma down, and finding out what she wanted out of a game, then designing one to meet her criteria. It was originally designed for an adult woman. It just happens that it appeals to most demographics, including preschoolers, which is unfortunate, from a safety standpoint, so so many parents let their kids play online games when they’re way too young.

For the record, any currency that can be purchased or earned, and used to pay for premium services such as cloud hosting, is considered a premium currency, and is the target of hackers, who release scripts or apps so others can pirate them. We decided that using premium currency, such as TCs, or anything else of the kind such as the suggested “credit coins”, just results in too much piracy and the loss of earnings to pay for the services the pirated currency is used to pay for. Suggesting we add an alternative PC to replace TCs as credit payment is just like asking for TC credit back :slight_smile:


Yeah but tc hackers have tc as in-game items that you can hold, like dirt blocks and baskets. They have a sprite and everything. My question is why this can’t be removed.


It can’t be removed because it is an item. When you break a TC block, you get TC. When you meditate, there’s a chance you’ll get TC.


The fact is that even if TCs were never an in-game item, the cheats would still use cheat code distributed by hackers, to enable them to pirate TCs that way.


Then why don’t we get rid of tc as an item in general? We may as well try it


Why would we do that now?


It’s just an idea lol. I only have the game’s best interests in mind


There’s no need to. Dave fixed it by making credit costs money.


But was tc hacking fixed?


No, he secured it as much as he could without creating new problems. There’s no way to stop it completely, without encrypting game data, which is problematic, and we honestly don’t consider it a problem now. We’d prefer people played the game as intended, rather than cheating, but since it’s no longer a major financial leak it’s fine with us.


I don’t get it but ok