The Truth About 1.7 Update!


Fixing tc hacking = hard

Dave = went around the problem by making servers cost money.

Dave doesn’t lose money by people pirating tc, but he doesn’t gain any either (when he should).

When people used pirated tc for credit, he did lose money.


Ok yeah, but is it really that hard to get rid of tc as an in-game item? Wouldn’t you have to just delete some lines of code?


If it were that easy, why are unknowns a thing?


Well idk, you tell me


From my point of view, Dave just cared about his financial status. People can still use pirated tcs for tc stuff, but they cant make servers, which was dave’s big problem. He doesnt really care as long as he is not losing money.


Most of the parents will not agree to pay real money for a game for once a month whether it’s less or more. I have experienced it i made more than 350 in-app purchases (including Blockheads and other games) but now my parents think I am wasting money on games a lot, many parents think the same after making lot of purchases.
I request Dave to think some alternative for game currency and when I join servers it’s really hard to discover stuff in vanilla we can make money by selling the fruits and crafting simple stuff but it’s really hard to mine and discover stuff where most of the area is protected it’s hard to discover each and every item please try to fix them in upcoming updates.


Why dont you mine in a different place?

Dave most likely made lt like this so that people could completely go vanila, causing people to actually work for their items, and not to just rely on the trade portal. Back in 1.6 you could just get a bunch of coins and buy something that you needed without having to craft it first.


Well, no, that’s an over-simplification, and unfair to Dave. He wouldn’t lose money if he’d left it either. He’d just have taken the cloud hosting platform down, and that expense would not longer be a problem. He did it so as to save the cloud hosting platform. Money is just the factor necessary to do that.


It’s also noteworthy that hosting servers on the cloud with time crystals was a privilege. From the beginning of the cloud service, Dave could’ve just made servers cost money to begin with and no one would have ever complained. Maybe there would be a couple of suggestions about hosting worlds with tc, but people wouldn’t have grumbled if the suggestion was turned down for the same reasons as the above replies. Can’t miss what you never had…

Sadly, Dave took this privilege from us due to the bad apples who pirated tc to host worlds.


Yeah I know. Dave tried as hard as he could to keep the cloud servers online, while not losing money.


There are just few servers and all the servers are well developed making it hard to mine.

Even tho its fun to discover items its hard to do so. As i said earlier most of the vanilla servers are protected making it hard to go around and discover and these servers are well developed which makes it more hard.


Many people have overrelied on trade portals, now that discovery is enabled, I think it gives everyone a chance to go and play the game, trade portals somewhat make the game to easy. Also, even on well developed servers, if you go far away from spawn, you will always find unprotected area.


Okay, I have a secret… you can’t tell anyone. You can go to a mystical thing called a “single player” world. Yeah, a lot of people haven’t heard of them, but they’re so useful!


Yea but that’s too much work… & almost all of the servers have huge buildings and arts to discover and its too hard to go around the server without any resources like jetpack, food, armour, etc.

I can but that’s not that fun cause as i said earlier i love chatting with people while playing. I don’t even have that much time to go discover stuff cause i am busy irl.


That’s not the point.
I think he doesn’t really want to mine alone and stuff like that, because it is basically useless to build in a single player world, at least, compared to a multiplayer.
But I mean, what’s the need of protecting the mines?
In multiplayer worlds you could mine to sustain yourself, but they’re all blocked.

Personally I like building, and I only found this problem a couple of times, since there’s also starters.


Starters are not really part of the game. The contents of those starters are rarely legitimate. My advice is to look under the subways for trapdoors. Most subway builders will put them in at the natural cave openings. If world owner is not providing access to the caves the world is probably not a survival server. There are still plenty of ways you can make money or craft without mining with this update. It only takes an apple to get started. Once you get to the titanium and platinum dodos you are set.


Most of the servers don’t have starter kits and even if they have then there is no point for this update. I love discovering but it’s become the hardest ever. Subways are not there in almost every server and most of the people don’t even care about new players cause they are busy roleplaying. It might be easy to discover an apple but it’s hard to go further as there is no place to plant an apple tree. Thanks for all your opinions.


That’s the problem.
They’re most likely not survival.
But sometimes you need to discover items, and there arn’t any portal chests.
And oftenly you could gain money by selling ores.

But yeah, mostly starters are duplicated.


Duplication has become one of the most biggest problem. I used to dupe when i actually got to know about it but then i realised about how bad it is. It’s more problamatic than hacking (in my opinion) It lags the server and what not. Dave should do something about it too and do something about the 1.7 update also.


Let’s not get too much deep into this discussion…