The Truth About 1.7 Update!




I can’t remember where I said it, but we’re trialling allowing the discussion of duping again. If people can remain respectful and courteous that rule with be removed :slight_smile:


Okay Milla.

Well, I did an experiment on an abandoned server before,
There were no staff, but I managed to become rich by making a portal chest, so I was the closest thing to an admin, or owner.
I got asked if duping was allowed, by a couple of players, and I said “yes, why not”.
And I saw that, as long as they don’t duplicate tons of things, or safes, the server won’t lag.
Then I destroyed their duping places “;p


OH XD!! I mean that’s true that it might not lag on few devices but my iPad is not that bad… It pretty much lags a lot. But i guess it depends on ypur device.
Aren’t we allowed to discuss about duping in forums?? I never knew that.


No, I banned it years ago,after it lead consistently to misbehaviour. I lifted the ban late last year as an experiment, but it’s still in the rules.


In the picture the discussion of banned peoples ban text is not bold


Yes, I noticed.


Dave had to make servers money now as TC abusers and hackers would make random and useless servers that Dave had to pay for. If no one bought TC, then how would Dave make money? Yeah HD Textures and Double time but those are 1 time purchases. TC was the main way to money. Without money, the servers shut down and the game is taken off of the app store and google play store.

For Good…