The Ultimate Guide to Farming

It is a rule of thumb that when you want branches or wood, cut a tree from top-to-bottom, outside-to-inside, and leave the bottom block of the tree.


Description: Naturally one of the fastest-growing and tallest-growing trees in the game, this tree is best to be farmed for wood and sticks.
Grows Best: in my experience, the pine tree grows best mostly anywhere. The biggest I’ve seen have been at the equator, but that could be because that’s where I always live.
Animal(s) Spawned by Tree: dropbear
Seed: Pine Cone (uses: planting, campfire/kiln fuel)

Pine trees are by far the best trees to farm for wood and sticks, partially due to the fact that they grow quickly and tall, partially because they can live long, the only problem is that they spawn dropbears - so light up your farm and kill the dropbear with an iron sword! They don’t need much pruning, if they have adequate light they can grow very fast, and basically cut them down whenever you feel ready. Generally, it’s best to wait until you have gotten 20-40 pine ones from the tree first. Usually pinecones grow at random intervals, and not in batches like some fruits grow.

Description: Second-tallest, second-fastest growing tree. It seems that the main reason of a maple tree is because of its growth pattern and looks. Its seeds are almost useless.
Grows Best: usually in between an equator and a pole, I think.
Animal(s) Spawned by Tree: none
Seed: maple seed (uses: planting)

Maple trees are a relatively good tree to grow if you either don’t want to grow a pine tree (which is understandable, these are better to grow if you don’t want dropbears). They still grow quickly and rather tall, although not as tall nor as fast as a pine tree grows. They’re easily manageable, not as wide, and still produce plenty of branches for sticks and logs for wood.

Edit: maple seeds are edible in 1.4!

Description: A tall tree, the taller this tree is the more coconuts it grows on the highest branch at any given time. The coconut tree doesn’t grow many branches.
Grows Best: Equator
Animal(s) Spawned by Tree: none
Seed: coconut (uses: planting, eating)

The coconut tree, grown best at equators, is a relatively-fast-growing tree. It grows straight up, and gets only a few branches, which grow at the top. On the very highest branch, coconuts will spawn in “clusters” of multiple at a time, the amount generated defined by the height of the tree. Coconut trees can be grown in sand, compost, or dirt, unlike most trees which can only grow in compost or dirt.

This is going to be a big topic.
Description: The infamous coffee cherry tree, grown throughout the world for energy to the tired, food for the hungry, and the ability to live without sleeping. These trees grow slowly, and can die young if not tended for properly. However, they are probably the best trees to grow, if you have the time.
Grows Best: Equator (elsewhere and they grow MUCH smaller)
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed: coffee cherry (uses: crafting green coffee bean, indirectly crafting coffee, eating [food,energy], planting, etc.)

The hardest part to talk about, for a couple of reasons, is this and the following paragraphs. Please note that both methods of growing coffee are very effective, the way you choose to grow it is solely based on opinion.
Commonly called “Ace’s Method” (by me at least) is the way of growing coffee cherries recomended to those who don’t grow coffee cherries by the equator. Ace has made a thread here that explains her method in detail. Basically, her method involves keeping your trees close together, small, and easy to access.
I realize that not very many people use this method anymore because of Ace’s method. But really, I can make about as many coffee cherries as she can in about the same time. The key to this method, which I will call “my” method, is growing your coffee cherries in compost AS CLOSE TO THE EQUATOR AS POSSIBLE. If you are about 50 blocks above sea-level, I believe this works even better. Another major key to this method is light - you want steel lanterns everywhere (except for on the trees). Those two keys are not necessary, but help produce coffee cherries sooner and faster (although also causing the tree to die sooner). After you have compost at the equator and lots of light, plant the coffee cherries. Give them some room - 5 to 10 blocks is plenty. The trees will grow quickly, and since the coffee cherries grow in batches after not too long your trees will have many coffee cherries on them. Don’t wait too long, though, or the coffee cherries will disappear. After 3-4 good batches of coffee cherries, cut down the block one-block-above the block in contact with the ground, otherwise the tree will die sooner.

Description: Trees grown easily for food. Generally their growth pattern is similar to a cross between a maple-tree’s growth pattern and a pine tree’s growth pattern, I think. Mangos can also be crafted into a yellow pigment.
Grows Best: near equator
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed: mango (uses: planting, eating, pigment)

Mango trees don’t have much to be said about. They grow food, they work well if you live at or near the equator. And, of course, you can craft a yellow pigment from the mangos (thanks Nelson)! If anyone can think of something I should say here, post it and I’ll try to add it.

Description: tasty
Grows Best: between a pole and an equator (closer to the pole, about 3/4 away from the equator)
Animal(s) Spawned: Dodos
Seed: cherry (uses: planting, eating)

Cherry trees spawn, like apple trees, closer to the pole. Too close isn’t healthy, but it needs to be a colder climate - often the area where sometimes snow covers the ground, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Description: EVEN MORE DODOs! Yay!
Grows Best: between a pole and an equator (same as cherry, 3/4 away from equator towards pole)
Animal(s) Spawned: Dodos
Seed: apple (uses: planting, eating)

Apple trees mass-generate dodos. They grow better in cold places, where it is sometimes snowy and sometimes not. They also grow apples.

Description: food for mining - limes trees don’t generate originally in a world, but you can get limes from mining limestone.
Grows Best: like pine trees, lime trees grow nearly anywhere in a wolrd rather well
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed: lime (uses: planting, eating)

Lime trees are a rare food to find when mining limestone. When you walk around a world originally, or at any given time unless you planted limes, you will find no lime trees. Don’t rely on them for food while mining, though, unless you packed extras. You get an achievement for getting one.

Description: A normal ish tree that grows oranges. Good to grow if you need food.
Grows Best: anywhere warm (and aboveground)
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed: orange (uses: planting, eating)

A good food to grow and eat, and they don’t die all too fast either. Very good source of food unless you live where it’s freezing 24/7.

As of the 1.6 update to The Blockheads, floating islands generate in worlds high above the ground. Some trees, the ones that grow better in colder areas, will grow better up higher in a warm area since it is colder up there. Any tree can generate on a floating island (trees that grow gems like amethysts, sapphires, etc. also spawn, but they arent exactly “farmed” - find my guide to Floating Islands for more about them.) Also, all trees cold resistance has improved, and trees planted in compost will not die from old age - which means unless you chop them down, they are unlikely to die.


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[size=7]FARMING: PART 2 - PLANTS[/size]

[size=4]FARMING: SECTION 2:1 - FLAX[/size]
Description: Flax is possibly the second- or third-most grown plant in Blockheads (I think). It will grow in almost any climate, and produced both flax seeds and flax.
Grows Best: anywhere on BlockEarth
Animal(s) Spawned: None
Seed Produced: Flax seed(uses: planting, eating, oil); Flax (uses: linen, string)

Flax is, in a way, the “pine tree” of plants. By that I mean that flax grows well in any climate, and it is not very difficult to find because of that. Flax, when planted, is a small green plant that gives you one flax seed and/or perhaps some flax. It grows seeds on top of it that, when chopped down, will produce anywhere from 2-6 flax seeds, I think. It’s been a while since I’ve farmed flax, so bear with me. The top part of flax, that is brown, drops the seeds when cut down. The bottom part, the green part, drops flax and one flax seed. Flax seeds can also be crafted into oil.
The bigger the flax itself (the green part on the bottom) gets, the more seeds will be produced, and the more flax you will get if you chop the flax block (not the seeds). Generally, the best idea is to wait until you have gotten 6 to 9 harvests of the seeds on top before chopping the green flax part.

[size=4]FARMING: SECTION 2:2 - CARROTS[/size]
Description: Mainly used to spawn donkeys, carrots are probably the most common plant in the Blockheads.
Grows Best: equator
Animal(s) Spawned: donkey
Seed Produced: carrot (uses: planting, eating, spawning donkeys)

The one and only plant to spawn DONKEYS! Carrots are most likely the most planted, farmed, and eaten food in all of the Blockheads. You’ll find carrots generally near equators, and donkeys are likely to be nearby. Many people have made donkey subways, donkey “air-ways”, and donkey tunnels (to ride donkeys through mountains) in their worlds.

[size=4]FARMING: SECTION 2:3 - CHILIES[/size]
Description: The food of warmth, chillies are the best food to bring to the pole (but the hardest to farm).
Grows Best: equator
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed Produced: chili (uses: planting, eating, warmth)

Chilies are what I like to call the “Food of Warmth”. If you don’t have a fur coat or the North Pole hat of warmth, it’s a good idea to bring with you about a stack of chilies. However, don’t try to plant them aboveground near a pole, because they don’t grow well near poles due to the cold. And campfires won’t help because they’ll just burn the chilies. But look out when eating chilies! Eating too much will cause your blockhead to get hurt from burning!

[size=4]FARMING: SECTION 2:4 - CORN[/size]
Description: There isn’t really much to say about corn. It’s basically just a food.
Grows Best: equator
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed Produced: corn (uses: eating, planting, [strike]hearing[/strike])

As I have previously said. There’s nothing exceptional about corn. Although I’d recommend having about a stack of it on hand just in case. And because I like having at least 99 of each food. Corn is something good to plant for just food, since that’s all it does. It doesn’t change your temperature, it doesn’t produce air, and it doesn’t spawn animals. And apparently, ears of corn don’t help you hear better!

[size=4]FARMING: SECTION 2:5 - KELP[/size]
Description: Planning on heading to the water depths of an ocean? Or maybe you want to head to the top of the world and beyond, to the un-breathable outer atmospheric layer? Then kelp is the food to bring, providing half a bar of air when eaten! Be sure to stock up before heading off on your daring adventure!
Grows Best: underwater, and it’s best of that water doesn’t freeze regularly
Animal(s) Spawned: fish, sharks (conditions: 10 blocks deep of water, fish, kelp)
Seed: kelp (uses: eating, planting, breath)

Kelp is a great food to bring when you’re going to need air! It also grows really easily, but you have to watch out for fish, which will stop it from growing and eventually eat it, and if your farm is deep enough, look out for sharks too!

[size=4]FARMING: SECTION 2:6 - SUNFLOWERS[/size]
Description: Not very filling, but can be made into oil at the press, this plant is not one to grow if you need food (unless it’s all you have).
Grows Best: Equator
Animal(s) Spawned: none
Seed: sunflower seed(uses: eating, planting, oil)

Sunflowers barely fill up a blockhead, (they fill up about as much as a flax seed,) but since they can’t be grown for other things, like flax can be, they’re best grown if you need oil.

[size=7]END OF FARMING: PART 2[/size]



Description: That little brown thing in the dirt. Doesn’t taste good.
Object to Spawn: dirt, compost (dig either up)
Drops: N/A

It’s much better to make worms into a fishing rod than eat them, because they hardly fill you up. And fish is filling.
Description: Little red-and-blueish bird that walks around the game. Not very smart.
Object to Spawn: Apple trees, Cherry trees(?)
Drops: dodo meat (uses: eating, cooking); dodo feather (uses: soft bed, pigment, arrows)

Stupid little birdbrained birds that walk around the game. They are, however, easy to farm and kill, and their dodo meat - especially when cooked - is the 4th-most filling food in the game (that required being crafted somehow). Dodo meat can be crafted at an electric stove or a campfire.

Description: The only rideable animal in the game, also an easy animal to farm.
Object to Spawn: carrots
Drops: leather (uses: leather jacket, leather pants, leather boots); carrot (uses: eating, planting, spawning donkeys)

Donkeys are the only truly rideable animal in the game. They can be ridden when you tap on them with a selected Carrot on a Stick, and travel using tilt controls. Upon swiping up, they can jump a maximum of 3 blocks high.

Description: Bears that fall off trees at night (or when attacked) to attack your blockheads. Minimal damage.
Object to Spawn: pine tree
Drops: fur (uses: fur boots, fur coat, golden bed); leather (uses: see donkey>drops>leather)

The original hostile animal, these are nocturnal, and will attack blockheads in sight during the night - or if they’re attacked or their tree gets chopped down. They can be killed by 1 hit from the iron sword, and cause minimal damage, especially to a armored blockhead. Trains can travel faster than them, as can donkeys.

Description: Small fish that swim about aimlessly in the water. Scared of blockheads.
Object to Spawn: Kelp
Drops: fish meat (uses: eating, cooking)

Moderately hard to farm, fish are the peaceful animal of the sea. They can be attacked by blockheads, but are scared of them and the fish will often swim away. It’s better to use a fishing rod. Their meat can be cooked in an electric stove or campfire. Cooked fish meat is the third-most filling crafted food in the game.

Description: Deadly. Sharks are the hostile animal of the sea, and spawn near fish (under the right requirements). NOTE: these are not scorpions - the bigger, the worse.
Object to Spawn: fish, kelp, 10 blocks of water vertical, unknown horizontal
Drops: Shark Jaw (uses: decoration); fish meat(uses: see fish>drops>fish meat)

Sharks were once the most deadly animal in their game, and the hardest to fight. Admittedly, Blockheads had figured out how to capture and kill them with minimal damage, but wild sharks can still be a problem. They grow from a baby size, where they fit in a bucket and cause minimal damage, to an adult - which is very large and can wipe out a blockhead’s health in one bite (however, they can’t kill you in that bite). Luckily, riding a boat will prevent shark attacks.
Edit: Upon actually farming these beasts, it seems that the larger their habitat, the larger they grow.


Description: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Only the blockhead wearing full iron armor, carrying food,and holding an iron sword (or Golden Bow) should attempt to kill this beast. Massive damage. Massive health.
Object to Spawn: cave, beneath the halfway mark of lava and ocean
Drops: Ice Helmet (uses: armor, heat protection); Ice Chestplate (uses: armor, heat protection); Ice Leggings (uses: armor, heat protection); Ice Boots (uses: armor, heat protection)

The strongest, deadliest, healthiest, and coldest animal in all of blockheads. It has been recorded that it takes 19 hits with an iron sword to kill one of these monsters. Do not use a bow and arrows unless you have many. Cave trolls are too big to crawl, though, so you can escape from them by crawling through 1 block high tunnels. They have a pathfinding AI, so they can follow your blockhead (and will). If you block off all means of them traveling back to their “home”, they could follow you up to above ground. Note, though, that they can drown (although it takes an awful long time).

In their caves, Cave Trolls have two ice torches and occasionally will have trade portals with prices that are randomly offset (some things will be cheaper, and some will be more expensive).

Description: That which spawns dodos, and can also be eaten. Maybe in 1.6 we’ll be able to make scrambled eggs…
Object to Spawn: Dodo
Drops: Dodo Egg

Dodos will occasionally lay dodo eggs, which can be collected and eaten or left alone and should eventually hatch. Not very much to say.

Description: The glowing green beasts of the desert, these small but ferocious beasts (which are all the same size, FYI,) are the first and (so far) only creatures capable of a long-ranged attack.
Object to Spawn: cacti (prickly pears)
Drops: Poison (uses: gold bow & poison arrows)

Scorpions are perhaps the most dangerous creature in the game, mostly due to their ranged attack and very short “attack recharge”, the time it takes in between their attacks. During night, they appear to glow, and will constantly attack over and over with either their ranged attack or more powerful close-up attack. Avoid at night - at day, they only attack you when you’re directly in front of them. More on scorpions here, my official scorpion thread!


Description:*** A cause for extinction.*** Dodo stew was one of the first two official meals added to the game, alongside fish curry. Dodo stew fills your health approximately 2/5 of the way, and fills your hunger bar approximately 2/3 or 3/4 of the way, and turns it yellow, or “freezes” it, similarly to the Hat of Fullness. The yellow bar simply means that your hunger will not go down for a few minutes.
Ingredients: 1 Iron Pot, 1 Raw Dodo Meat, 1 Carrot, 1 Corn
Rush: Double-time - unknown; Normal-time - unknown
Crafted at: Electric Stove
Gives: 2/5 health bar, 2/3 or 3/4 hunger bar (and turns it yellow), 1 Iron Pot

Description: Spiced fishy goodness. Fish curry was one of the first two official meals added to the game, alongside dodo stew. Fish curry fills your health approximately 2/5 of the way, and fills your hunger bar approximately 2/3 or 3/4 of the way, and turns it yellow, or “freezes” it, similarly to the Hat of Fullness. The yellow bar simply means that your hunger will not go down for a few minutes.
Ingredients: 1 Iron Pot, 1 Raw Fish Meat, 1 Chilli, 1 Coconut
Rush: Double-time - unknown; Normal-time - unknown
Crafted at: Electric Stove
Gives: 2/5 health bar, 2/3 or 3/4 hunger bar (and turns it yellow), 1 Iron Pot

Thanks for the guide! It was very useful!

Finally had time that I spent to finish farming: part 2 - plants! I hope some more people find this useful!

And guys, if I missed something, please let me know!

Rally well written guide thanks.

Yoo has forgotten… that maple seeds are now edible in 1.4! ^^

I didn’t forget… I just haven’t updated to 1.4 yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

you also forgot that flax makes oil also remember that for sunflowers and mangoes can make pigment

Edit: it appears as if I totally forgot to add sunflowers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Part 3 - ANIMALS is finished! More to come soon.

Forgot dodo eggs. Great guide, though.

i dont like farming anymore…or the game itself anymore…why? because 1.4 came with a very creepy bug where plants (like flax and sunflowers) turn PITCH black its like i said very creepy i wont play the blockheads until its fixed (i call it the black plant bug)

Thanks, fixed it.

Amazing. You should play it anyway.

yea just started playing again im just gonna stay at spawn lol

Updated with 1.5 (scorpions) and added the meals. Sorry it took so long.:frowning:

I’ve just found out that most trees can grow to full size in less than a day if planter near the center of the earth. I’ve already tested coconuts, oranges, and pine trees. My inventory is filled with fruit and fur.

Coffee cherry trees do WAY better at the equator though.

Can’t you drown trolls to kill them?

That means warm temperature causes trees to grow faster.