The unknown

Wow an unknown randomly popped in my inventory :what: Also it replaced my basket :mad:, good thing I had no diamonds in there!
But of course unknowns are dangerous soooooooooooo…

I threw it in a garbage compressor!


Did u edit…?



Lol funny thread

So you ask for a rollback just becuase you lost 1 basket?

We have all lost stuff to the horrible unknowns. Welcome to the club! Don’t bother Milla for a rollback back for stuff. Rollbacks are for bigger trouble like a spontaneous world rollback to day one. Or damage caused by hackers, griefer, or glitches. Only a world owner can request a rollback.

I had this happen to me before. What was even worse was that inside the basket I had a safe full of goodies… I got disconnected and it turned into an iron machete unknown.

@Mila can i have a rollback I accidentally placed one dirt

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What’s with the topics about pinecones lately? Between the glitched ones, and even more glitched ones, I can’t keep up. XD

That wasn’t very nice.

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What exactly was the intention of this comment?

No intention lol

Doesn’t seem like it. Milla thought it was rude, so I’m sure that means there was something intended.

The building posts i uploaded got flagged :frowning: