The unknowns

we all remember the unknown glitch thread right? the one about the stone pickaxe he got… I forgot who made the thread, can anybody leave a link as a reply for someone who hasn’t seen it? anyways
After doing a little research I’ll bring to you a little ‘wiki page’ about the unknowns:

What are the unknowns?
The unknowns are currupted Items/blocks they can come in many formats, even though the most common unknown type to get is a stone pickaxe. Blocks are rare things to come, even though it is possible.

What can unknowns do?
Unknowns are dangerous Currupted Items, it can either not cause anything to you, but it can also be the cause for extreme anger.
You: what do unknowns do to be specific?
Unknowns do different things, here’s a list of those things:

  1. Simply disappear (a unknown is a currupted item, By it being currupted, the game can update while it is in your inventory, the inventory will be reset and replaced with registred items (items that can be registred in the code without any problems) so your unknown could disappear, but don’t worry all you unknown collectors, this replacement doesn’t happen with chests

  2. swap items (a unknown has no correct code for it, so when it is in your inventory it can sometimes swap items because of a unprogrammed code, so the game won’t permanently get currupted (not the world, THE GAME) it will automaticly crash and ‘repair’ the missing code, making one of your basket morph into for example, a slightly currupted item even if you can’t use the item, it will still not be unknown in a few cases (but this can be worse if the item turns into another unknown causing a big code mistake that can cause loads of lag))

  3. simply delete all items from your inventory except the unknown itself (this might be frustrating if you had diamonds or anything like that)

  4. cause lag (do I even need to explain what lag is to someone? I hope not)

  5. spread like a disease (the currupted ‘code’ of the unknown can slowly mess the other item’s codes, for example, if you had a chest with a orange in it and put an unknown in that chest, the orange would turn into a unknown in about 5 weeks (real life weeks) but any stacked items with them in a chest when turned into a unknown, if separated they can be all diferent items that couldn’t be stacked anymore)

  6. currupt the inventory (this is the third worst case of unknown damage, each blockhead is identified by it’s inventory, so, if the code of the inventory gets currupted, the blockhead will litterally be deleted to avoid any damage to the source code)

  7. Currupt the world (if on single player, the unknown can currupt the world files making one of those famous world curruption threads in the forums that talk about unusable workbenches, I would say this is the second worst unknown damage)

  8. Currupt The GAME (this is the rarest yet the worst kind of damage caused by a unknown, the curruption of the game, No calumon, you were right about the game curruption on your video, you should take it serious, This happened to my friend once, he stopped playing because of it, this happens when the unknown curruption reaches the source code of the game, luckely this is very rare) (this one can also be avoided by deleting the entire file of the world with the unknown using a computer or a mac)

You: wow! those are a lot of bad things… but do unknowns bring anything good?

Not really, the only way you could get anything good from it would be selling it to a player who knows how to safely store it

you; so there IS a safe way to store it!

yes, leaving a unknown in a chest alone or with other unknowns is safe since the unknowns aren’t in actual contact with any of the player’s/game’s files.

You: How are unknowns made?

Unknowns are the result of the curruption that appears when mixing these 5 things:

Exessively buying from the trade portal

Trade portals on water

Exssively Selling to the trade portal

Meditating right after buying/selling things

using golden pics after buying/selling wit the trade portal

You: most of these things have to do with the trade portal…

You’re right, the unknowns started appearing right after the trade portal…

You: But what should I do if I get a unknown?

Do NOT keep it, throwing it on lava/magma is the safest thing to do, even if other players want it, you should not sell it, you can also throw it on the ground and wait until it despawns

A few Things make everything short:

Unknowns aren’t safe

Unknwons shouldn’t be in your inventory

only buy/sell things in the trade portal if necessary

Unknowns are useless but have a huge price to other players (extra)

unknowns can have currupted textures too (extra)

please tell me if I forgot abou something!
(also, should this be in bugs and glitches? I thought the general discussion was more appriate)


Ah wish i read this 3 years ago. It corrupted my game. I had to update my ipad to ios 12 to get it to even load. That was when i dumped most of my unkowns and only kept a small collection. While unknowns are not safe in large amounts in my expirience as long as they are kept in portal chests and carefully handled and not attempted to be duped. They are safe for collecting. While it is quite risky it is some bragging rights. Such as the chandelier unknown which looks like lightsabers.


Any amount of unknowns can cause corruption.

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I remember a lot of unknowns, I used to have a nice collection of them, I remember a shark jaw that added some sort of fog to the map, there was also a water jug


What do the unknowns do? how do you get them? Why were they added? What do they look like?

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  1. Nothing
  2. Through glitches (usually involving items handled in your inventory)
  3. They were never added on purpose. They’re just unused assets in the game’s underlying code
  4. Their appearances can vary significantly: Blockheads all Unknowns - YouTube

Google the blockhead item id number’s (first search result)
There’s a list of blockhead items including unknowns. (no pictures)The script boys say It’s incomplete, but I’m sure, this list will be more complete than the video :thumbsdown:

It’s one of the only videos I could find.