Hello everyone!

A few months ago in February I decided to make a 1.7 Trailer when it comes out. But I couldn’t because I was banned, and I wasn’t a beta tester. So I decided to do one in March, but since I am a busy guy, working on uncountable projects at once, and working on THEOBH, and some high-quality suggestion threads that I will publish a few weeks from now.

I hope you enjoy this piece of art that me and many others were working on :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this.
Special thanks to:’

@Bibliophile, @D_R_O_N_E, @Erick, @GoodGradesBoy, @SHAHMMM, @Suhlesstwong, @The_Juicey_Ace, @WumboJumbo, @Zeekiel, and @Zitro for making this possible. If it weren’t for them this trailer would be not as good.

Other extra thank you to:
Blocky1, Blueflower, Chase_Ravenclaw, DealyPotato, eitan3085, Brer-Rabbit, Eruak_3, Gamarlamar5, JbugsArmy, Pokeeee, Raymond5525
For participating in this project.


Shout out to these people:

Estimated arrival for 1.8: October 19 2020


you actully worked with all those people?

i need some proof

it looked edited by two people with a transistion filter and scene changing

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Good trailer Foil, sorry I forgot to upload my job listing video but I’m glad someone else did.

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i can try PMing some of these people asking for truth

even if it was a lie, im cool with it, no flagging or nothin

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I was in the group PM and he isn’t lying.

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Awesome trailer!
Just wondering, was the 1.8 arrival date estimated by Dave somewhere, or a guess based on previous updates?

We don’t even know 1.8 will ever come out.

Wow! The video is really professionally edited! I couldn’t of done better!

PS. Thanks for crediting me, though I never did anything, was just in the group message. XD

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This video was legitimately one of the coolest things on the Blockheads I’ve watched, period.

Fántastić job! :smiley:
Looking forward to the 1.8 video!

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Oh boy @sam.boyer flashbacks anyone???


Question: Did you put horses as a joke? Because it says donkeys, horses, and unicorns.

Yes. ._.

Loads of flashbacks.

That’s very cool, but please remove official from the title of your video. I’ve edited the thread title accordingly. Only official media sanctioned by Dave should be marked as such.


A serious question: Is it a matter of “legal” stuff that’s an issue?

Maybe it was an accident?

What program did you use to make this? I am studying to make my parody: Making a spoof trailer of update 9.7.

Haters gonna hate :wink:


I don’t get why everyone is using Sam Boyer to compare or make an example though.


He did put “Official” in quotation marks which can be used to indicate sarcasm (or irony)
He probably was intending it too come off as ironic

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