The Unofficial (for now) Blockheads World Records Thread!


Blockheads World Records

So we were trying to find out what the Blockheads record for most blocks of air got on a handcar, and I thought, why not put all these in one place? I’ve even broken a record myself (but I can’t tell you which one or show you my certificate since it’s in my real name, and anyone could Google it)!

If you would like to submit a record

First of all, please notify me before the attempt. Here are the rules-

  1. You must have an official adjudicator present at the time of the record (unless, for some reason, you cannot use multiplayer at that time. In this case, you must submit a clip)

  2. You must follow the rules specific to that record. If you have submitted a new record idea, if it is approved by our adjudicators, rules will be made for it. If it is an existing record, you will follow the rules already written for it.

  3. Practice makes perfect! It’s probably a good idea to repeat your record several times to get the best result you can have.

  4. Submit the record via PM. Please PM me and not one of our adjudicators for the finished results, but it is permissible to PM an adjudicator in request for them to oversee your record.

  5. Adjudicators can break records but they must be overseen by another adjudicator.

What if I break the record?

First off, congratulations! You are a World Record Holder! Your hard work has paid off.
If you win, you get this wonderful certificate to show off to your friends.
You also get your name in the record holder list here!

How do I become an adjudicator?

You can’t just ‘become’ an adjudicator. I will only allow those whom I trust and respect. You can’t just walk in and say, “Heyyyyy...can I be an adjudicator pLeeezzee plzzz?!”. In fact, you don’t ask at _all_. When I think you are ready I will add you to the permitted list below.

Permitted Adjudicators
@Skeeve (Stats, stats and more stats :slight_smile:️)
Milla, but I won’t @ her

Records below.

What is the air block time world record?

For records, but there are none yet.


What does adjective, no, admin, no! What does Adjioctator mean?


I guess i will be one.


I will be one. Wait, do I have to repeat my world record jump?


You’re image broke. image


Wait, how are the mentions not real?


That’s what I was wondering… :thinking:


Been back for a week or so. Just keeping a lower profile. I’m in though.


Thanks! I don’t know why they’re broken. Working on it :slight_smile:
Edit - fixed.
@LilAngel119 An adjudicator is a sort of judge/referee.
@jemnidad I would prefer if you could, but maybe I can make an exception seeing as that record was actually the starter for this :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, I’ll be an adjudicator. Not sure how active I’ll be.


Any adjudicators on rn? I want to break (or rather, create) the record for longest time running on lava.


IN vanilla or custom?


Let me elaborate - longest time running on lava with normal health and no food(clothing allowed but not pole items)


Are judges allowed to start challenges, if so I will start the challenge :slight_smile:

Whoever gets to the core under an hour wins and they need timer/video proof or they will not count.

No cheating, it must be bare bones to core. Meaning from spawning in the portal to getting you’re first tool :slight_smile:

Custom does not count as you winning.


I’ll be an adjudicator. The Blockhead World Records are a really good idea.

Also how do I notfiy you if I want to break a record?


Yes, you can start a challenge, in fact, you’re more than welcome to!

@Raymond5525 Sorry, I have to add you to the permitted list. Here’s the relevant quote.


I wanna re-attempt my handcar jump. I’ll take a screenshot of the score I get.


Can I start the challenge of fastest time to get a unicorn?


Sure, I assume you mean from scratch on vanilla? Or do you start with a donkey?