The Unofficial (for now) Blockheads World Records Thread!


Can I do the most nested chests?


Without glitching, yes :wink:


Of course, I must indeed be a part of this :joy:


Yeah, of course you do! This would crumble without you!


What is the difference in the Adjudicators and the Permitted Adjudicators?


Probably people who are automatically adjudicators and people who have to apply to become adjudicators.


Adjudicator are those who are already adjudicators and the permitted one are those who can be adjudicators but aren’t officially one.


@INeedPie, count me in. :thumbsup:

Sounds like fun… seeing what crazy things people come up with and want to hold the record for.


Don’t know if I had to make a copilation of me being silly here for this to be valid but this could be checked right?


I don’t think ‘silliness’ can be measured. :confused: Sorry


someone get most plants in th world record lol


That would be Asyc. I’m almost sure of that


most plants can’t be measured either.


We could always sort of do those with a public vote… even though it may be a bit biased. Plus I’m sure @thefoil would win for the “silliest player” so @OBITOWANKENOBI will have to up his game :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Is that a challenge? :stuck_out_tongue:


I get an award for being the HOLY grail ANGEL


Depends how much time you have. It would take a loooong time.
But anyway, like GWR, I would like these to be measurable. Fastest, longest, biggest, smallest. You can’t measure silliness. Things like ‘Silliest player’ and ‘Kindest player’ etc. is more a contest thing. We’re all about STATS!


I agree @INeedPie. I am saying that “Most plants” is not really a stat. (if people want to argue with that statement, I really don’t have the energy to do it… but think about how general that statement is).

People need to come up with things that are readily measured and also that are within a finite amount of time… I don’t think it makes sense to judge things that take a long time to do. I mean the Guiness Book of World Records team doesn’t live with a person for days/weeks to judge.

So, instead of “most plants”, you can say… most tulips within a 31x13 protection sign (though this, also, is not a good category, since just about everyone on blockheads can replicate it)… instead something like longest jump, or most shark jaws within 5 minutes… or something like that.


Here’s some suggestions for possible categories and ideas.

Speed Runs

Fastest to get to Magma You must start on a random vanilla world, and try to get to magma as quick as you can! Rules:
  • Must be new vanilla.
  • Timer starts as soon when you spawn your blockhead.
  • Benches in 5 Minutes How many benches can you get in 10 minutes? (Includes the workbench, doesn’t have to be fully leveled) Rules:
  • Must spawn in regular vanilla world.
  • Timer starts right when you spawn blockhead.
  • Most...

    Handcar Blocks Of Air How many blocks of air can you get on a Handcar???? Rules:
  • Use of North Pole is not allowed.

  • And so on… I can PM the code of this format to you