The Unofficial (for now) Blockheads World Records Thread!


Hey ineedpie, i got a world called “sea of flowers” which has a total of 9 tc blocks directly under the portal and aligned.

I cropped the picture for a better view. (press it to see full image then zoom in)

the green line is to show how aligned it is.

Red is location.


Whats the highest amount of Tc blocks touching?

I found these two and want to know if anyone has had more


Longest tree grown must be a record.


A kinda big pine tree with a little mango tree fused with it. Is that big or weird enough?


Sorry for my inactivity. Tallest/biggest tree grown is definitely a record. @DeadlyPotato , as far as I know there is no record so for the time being, 2 is the most. I’ll pm you your certificate.
@OBITOWANKENOBI, it’s certainly weird but unfortunately we can’t measure weirdness. Sorry.


Challenge accepted. I am going to start a video and then probably mine down as fast as I can. Well of course collecting stuff in the process.


Speed run challenge: fastest time to kill cavetroll
Starts de moment u get a workbench


Here it is, after a while my video is out. you have to watch it to know the time I got :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Slowrun.

A slowrun is like a speedrun but you can do it as slow as you want. no rushing but try to increase the time instead of decreasing it. should be easy :slight_smile:


I found a cheat for that xD

Find the cavetroll, then get the bench xD

But you need lights, so spawn in a second blockhead and do “leap frog” with the lanterns :stuck_out_tongue:


So ur telling me u gonna punch a cave troll to death
And punch stone


Nope, second blockheads can spawn with pics :stuck_out_tongue:


That break


Fine. You seem to think it’s impossible which is exactly why I’m gonna do it later


Who said you can’t measure weirdness? I’m weird and I know it :stuck_out_tongue:


How about me for most curse words in 1 sentence