The username taken thing ruins this game's multiplayer

I don’t go on this game’s multiplayer often, but the things where you can’t use your username happen often enough that the multiplayer is ruined.

Generally a tip that helps is using your name, then putting a •. •’s can’t be seen from a players perspective. So for example if I put Los3r•. It would show up as Los3r.

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I would rather not have someone impersonate me. :slight_smile:


It would also due to how the game is setup, make it so anybody can get admin or mod which would result in mass greifing.

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The username taken thing usually happens due to SIDs switching about on their own, if you want to get it fixed, pm @milla (or perhaps wait for her to pm you, you may not be able to do it yet) and look for your current SID in the bottom of the help/credits section of the pause menu. Do NOT share it with anyone except her and Dave.

Describe your issue as best you can, and she should be able to help you retrieve all your lost usernames and whatnot. (provided you can definitively prove they belong to you)

It doesn’t really help on cloud, but on Mac servers the owner can use /reset-owner to give your blockheads to your new iCloud ID.

It happens really often tho

Are you using anything to modify game files?