The White Blockhead. (Blockheads Short Story)


Almost everything in this story is purely fiction, and is not meant to be real. Anything that happens outside of this story and has similarities is purely coincidental. This story may be a tiny bit scary. Because originally I was going to turn it into a creepypasta. But I do hope you enjoy 😊
Most of this was based on a dream.

The Story begins in 2020, December 1st. A user by the name of TheMellon is about to go onto a multiplayer world named Skylines by Mama Food Supply. As the user was about to go onto the world they accidentally slide to the home screen because they had gotten a text from someone they knew. And then they realized before that, that they had opened the world. Once they reopen the blockheads they find out that their world had been renamed to skylines and converted to a custom waterworld 1x. Which then like any other player they we’re in shock, and asked for help on the community forums, and discord. But to no avail. So they decided to DM milla, the community manager to have a TC refund to see if that worked. While they we’re waiting they had decided to go on the world and say their last goodbyes. But then they started noticing something strange. Parts of their world had been apparently fixed, so they started to question how that was happening, So they decided to keep the world. The next day they noticed a hole in lava that was formed. So they decided to go explore it, and then they found a strange white figure with a weird item that was a circle with what appeared to be 2 parts cut out. They we’re obviously shocked, and freaked out. That they had decided to start chasing them with a bronze sword (what they had equipped at the time). and then after a while they had killed them. Then a message appeared that they soon clicked out of, but instead of the normal sound, the sound was corrupted. And so they went to the menu and found out that their menu was brown, clocks replaced with a corrupted picture of their avatar, and the text was all corrupted. And then blockheads crashed, so they had decided to call it a day after that. The next day after that they had gotten a notification from milla that she could not at all find that support ID. So the person questioned why, and milla replied that it had been locked from anyone in the support teams access somehow. So the person goes onto blockheads and finds out that it had been wiped clean, then a new world had generated, but it was like the one they killed the blockhead at. And then once they spawned in they just couldn’t. Then the white blockhead said this. (Why did you have to kill me? I did nothing wrong). Then the person realizes he was actually nice. Then the white blockhead said (I was only trying to fix your world. But you insisted on killing me). Then the person said in chat (I didn’t know what and who you we’re). Then the white blockhead said (I understand, it is because I came out of no where. Okay, Look onto the left side of your screen.) then the person looked to the left side and realized it was one of their blockheads they had forgotten about. Then the white blockhead said (Why did you forget about me, why didn’t you use me?). Then the person said in chat (that they had just spawned in blockheads, and forgot to use them properly like they we’re intended to be used. Then the white blockhead said (Why did you spawn me in then, if you we’re not going to use me.). The person said in chat. (I am not sure). The white blockhead said (just remember, don’t spawn in unnecessary blockheads, otherwise your blockheads could become unhappy and flee from you and become unusable.). The person said. (Oh, I didn’t know how that stuff worked). The white blockhead (well, I understand. But next time just remember to take care of your blockheads properly. As a consequence for your actions I have decided to wipe clean your entire game and your support ID, I just hope you can understand this.). Then the person said (I understand). The white blockhead as he was going said (well, I hope you have learned your lesson. Now I need to get out of here so I can attend other people’s world problems.). Then the white blockhead left. And the person finally learned how it was like being the one to always be ignored, and so the person decided from then on to start only spawning in blockheads when they needed them. Fast forward just a year later the person got a message on the blockheads forums by that same figure, but only this time they had decided to give them their support ID they had lost. The person said (well, it has been over a year now. And I have been recently thinking, since a year ago I punished you from having any of your worlds I felt a little bad, so then I had decided to just well… give you access to your support ID again so you can use your online accounts. And yes, if you are asking. I am a real person, names Zack. I only patrol blockheads looking for people who misuse their blockheads, and sometimes I need to punish them accordingly if they ever attempt to kill me. Somehow your single player when it was corrupted also became a multiplayer world, so that is how I was able to get in. I do not hack into single players, but I only hack into multiplayer worlds to take blockheads away as necessary. Well, since you found out who I was, you can report me now. I just hope you have a good year while I was gone, and I hope you have learned your lesson. Also, don’t ask how your game became corrupted and reset. That was not me, I swear by my heart. Anyway I better get going, I hope you have a nice day. :D) and that basically ends this story.

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Wow, that all happened in a dream?

Most, but the rest i made up.

For one thing when I killed the creature a roaring sound would play, and then once blockheads was reset, for some reason it brought me to a super Mario Maker like thing.

Make the black blockhead next :slight_smile:

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No thanks. Also, TheFoil. I will not do that at all. I do not in any way intend for the title of such thing to be racist. :slight_smile:

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Was the white aspect of the white blockhead about race? If not then why would the black be?