The world in 9 chests


Inspired by the suggestion of labels for chests (which I support) I want to share my current storing system. Whether I travel or have set up a base, I use 9 chests plus 1 golden chest. Unless I have a real huge base, a factory or warehouse of course, they need many more chests.
Why 9 chests, you are asking? Well, it turned out for me to be the best compromise between enough storage room and a manageable number of chests.
The system is not strictly logical, but it suits my needs and after using if for years, I know where everything is without searching.
Want to have a tour through my chests? Okay, I thought you’d never ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my basic setup

Chest 1 holds gems, empty golden chests and troll stuff

Chest 2: ores

Chest 3: ingots, blocks and copper wire

Chest 4: mineral resources (flint, coal, clay, oil)

Chest 5: building blocks

Chest 6: stones

Chest 7: Miscellanious. Pigment, doors, clothes, buckets, surplus tools, yak horns etc

Chest 8: stuff from trees and plants

Chest 9: food and seeds

The gold chest: coins

Especially the chests for stones, food and miscellanios tend to be full pretty soon. If so, I simply add another chest to their side, so sometimes I have an array of 11 or even 12 chests but the central grid is the same, so I still find anything fast.
Of course on hostile worlds I replace the chests by safes asap.

On a new world I try to get 9 chests as soon as possible even if I have few items. I find it better than throwing everything in a two or three chests without any order and later having to re-arrange everything :slightly_smiling_face:.

Do you have any particular storage sytem for travelling or small bases to share? I’m curious :slightly_smiling_face:

@serendipity On another thread you mentioned you put your belongings in 6 chests. I’d like to see your system :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks like a nice balance of ease of finding things, ease of sorting (don’t have to go to a separate chest for each item), and ease of remembering what each chest has, especially if you use the same system each time.


I laid it out on the post linked below. The way the pictures are shown in the post is how I layout mine every time. Those six are my starter boxes until I build a base or do some pixel art on a world.

I don’t keep troll stuff, and I reserve a spot in baskets for a stack of safes, portals, and trade portals. I keep ores and ingots in the same chest UNTIL I need more space for them. I keep all blocks in the same chest and copper wire in my bottom right box until I make an “electrical” box. I put flint, clay, and oil in the same box until I need more room. I put coal in the ores/ingots box because it is used to make steel. I put yak horns and those fire starting things in my “basics” box, and pigments in the paints/prizes box. (As you can see, all 8 pigments, all 5 gems, and all 3 coins fit in one). I keep feathers, fur, leather, flax, and sticks in my “basics” box. I keep only seeds in my seeds box, and exclude coffee cherries and cactii seeds. I keep one spot in baskets for a stack of food. I’ve begun putting coffee cherries in my crafted/benches box.

The above paragraph details the differences between your storage description above and my basic six-safe system.

Once I need more storage, I use 15 safes. Their contents are labeled in the post found at the link below.

Thanks for sharing and asking. Happy gaming!

Edit: I’ve found the six chest layout to be a Quick, efficient way to sort items acquired from meditating. If you find that setup, it just may be a spot where I have a meditating blockhead.

And now, the link:
Candi’s storage post


Challenge: The world only in one slot.


I use a chest with chests in it


I used to nest chests or safes but that leads to losses. It is best not to nest or to stack over 10. If you need more storage you need a base. I do something similar to Ronnie when I am traveling with a blockhead. I really need to look into a system for meditation items because that is where I get disorganized. The problem is I rarely meditate in a convenient spot. I park my blockhead that is building to take care of something elsewhere in the server.


ULTRA CHALLENGE destroy a 1/16th size world and store EVERYTHING from it in one chest xD


Chest 7 looks extremely untidy.


Yes :smile:


I use cabinets/display shelves nested one time inside a golden chest.
Chest 1
Row 1 - Wearables
Cabinet A1: Pole Items
Cabinet A2: Armor
Cabinet A3: Clothing
Cabinet A4: Jetpacks (usually 1 or 2 slots on developed worlds, otherwise just the pieces needed to make jetpack)
Row 2 - Pvp
Cabinet B1: Sword, Pickaxe, Bow
Cabinet B2: Coffee, cooked dodo, cooked fish, coffee cherries
Cabinet B3: Fresh fruits for mass consumption as backup, usually oranges
Cabinet B4: Titanium, carbon fiber, steel (all in the form of blocks)
Row 3 - Blocks, stairs, columns, and non edibles
Cabinet C1: Blocks for decor
Cabinet C2: Blocks with useability
Cabinet C3: Stairs, columns, windows, etc
Cabinet C4: Vines, flax, string, sticks
Row 4 - Precious items
Cabinet D1: Ores (1)
Cabinet D2: Ores (2) and ingots
Cabinet D3: Gems
Cabinet D4: TC stuff

I don’t refer to the different cabinets as A1, A2, B1, B2, etc, but instead I refer to them as the section they belong in (tool cabinets, armor cabinet). I dispose of old tools from previous ages into an extra safe which I keep at my home.


I do something similar. Except, if it’s on a server that I am just starting or just joining, I’ll have on chest filled with workbenches and my gem chest is combined with coins, trade portal, portals, etc.


I like having 2 gold chests, and at least 4 normal chests to start with.
During 1.6, I would always have 3 normal chests, one for food, One for non food, and one for blocks, but with the new food and non food items I take 4-6 now.
The two gold chests- one holds coins, trades, gold chests and if I take them- troll items. (I don’t kill trolls, so they usually keep the ice torches, I take the chest and sometimes the trade.)
The other gold chest holds gems and ingots.
As for my brown chests, I have one for food, one for non food, one for blocks and one for ores, then usually add another chest for stone once I start mining. Painting them helps, but not always possible at the start of your adventure.
This blockhead was also mining marble for pixel art and buildings, so she had a seperate safe that stays in my PC when full :slight_smile:



this is a joke if you didn’t notice